Martha Stewart's method for growing tulips is the secret to abundant, on-trend blooms

This is how the lifestyle guru encourages vibrantly-hued flowers – that know how to make a statement over springtime

Martha Stewart
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No bloom epitomizes this season quite like the tulip – the brightly-hued spring-blooming perennial that you've probably already seen in abundance over the recent weeks – including on Martha Stewart's feed.

The lifestyle magnate recently shared her homegrown tulips with the world, announcing that she planted her bulbs in rows for cutting – a technique that was met with approval from her followers. 'This year, I planted only a few types of tulips and only in rows for cutting. [These are the] first blooms this spring,' says Martha. 'These luscious pink parrots are actually named 'Silver Parrot!'. 

Advice on how to plant tulip bulbs can differ, depending on whether you're planting in containers or in the ground. Planting in rows is the best option if you're sowing in sunlight or beneath trees (however, it's worth noting that the area shouldn't get too shady). 

The RHS adds that you should plant dry bulbs in the fall for the best results (just as Martha likely did last year), as this is when the plant is dormant. 'Rows for cutting is exactly how to plant them,' adds famed decorator Jeffrey Bilhuber, who shared his support for Martha's method below her post. 

While the tulip planting window has closed for enjoying homegrown blooms this spring, we now know when to sow for results as bountiful as Martha's in the future. And, if flower trend predictions are anything to go by – it's still very much worth bringing these flowers into your home – whether via a florist or your local nursery. 

Jo Reason, the head of brand and range for Bloom & Wild, predicts that tulips (especially pink blooms such as Martha's) are at the top of trends for this spring and summer – following the ever-powerful Barbiecore movement. 

tulips growing in garden

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'We have already seen an increase in people searching for more vibrant pinks versus traditional pastel blush roses and predict the all-pink Barbiecore trend to surface around the middle of next year. Our bouquets will feature pink roses, tulips, stocks, and lisianthus – and little greenery to break up the pink punch,' she says.

Alongside the Greta Gerwig Barbie effect, the florist explains that a rise in demand for pink tulips could be a response to trend forecasters WGSN's Color of the Year – Orchid Flower – a magenta pink similar to the tone seen in Martha Stewart's blooms.

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