Monty Don's house plant tip will ensure your greenery flourishes over the winter months

This is how to keep your houseplants healthy over the cooler season, according to the gardening guru

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BBC's Gardener's World presenter Monty Don is no stranger to our exteriors – but his latest tip sees him venture indoors. The green-thumbed celebrity has addressed the question of house plants, or rather, how to ensure they remain healthy over the darker months. And his advice is right on time. 

Sharing his tips for the best winter house plants via an Instagram video, Monty explained that the fastest way to kill a houseplant is to overwater it. However, in winter, there is another common factor that affects the health of your houseplants: heating. 

Just as our eyes and skin may feel dryer in winter, our plants similarly react to heat in the same way. So how can you protect your greenery after turning up the heating in your home? 

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Monty Don's winter house plant tip

The answer, according to Monty Don, is simple. The expert recommends investing in a good quality spray gun, similar to the one listed below on Amazon. 'The secret is to give plants a generous spray, at least once a day,' Monty explains.

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This spray gun includes a 100ml tank for fertilizer and has a range of power settings. So, you can mist your houseplants in the winter and then enjoy a jet stream in your garden over the water months. 

While once a day may seem like a commitment, he suggests that the entire process takes only around a minute – so you can preserve your plants in almost no time at all.

Plus, if your greenery surrounds soft furnishings or wood, Monty also recommends slightly rearranging your decorating ideas by taking your plants to the bathroom.

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'If the foliage is running with water, that will keep them happy and healthy when your house is toasty and warm,' he explains. This gives the leaves a generous misting with water. He adds that you can put towels down for extra protection. 

However, whilst Monty's tip works well with many of the top houseplants, he warns against using the spray gun on any succulents and furry leaves. You will need to keep on top of watering these when they dry in the warmer climate. 

Monty Don's house plant watering tip will keep your greenery alive over the harsher months and long into the days when he takes over our gardens once more. 

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