I'm a shopping expert – these finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale sold out

From a best-rated Dyson vacuum to my favorite cooling bed sheets, these Anniversary Sale items all sold out. They're still worth buying though

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now over. We saw some incredible best-selling products for brilliant prices. From Dyson deals to some big discounts on the Always Pan, you might have nabbed some incredible discounts. Now that it's all over, you'll have to wait for Black Friday for the next set of discounts which are simply too good to miss. 

I've kept my favorite products on this page, even though they aren't reduced any more. These are all worth buying, even at full-price. Our team of experts have tested these in our homes and we think that they're all five-star quality. 

As H&G's shopping expert, I have years of experience hunting down the best products. Not only that, but as a product tester, I have extensive first-hand experience with the best home products on the market. I know which items are worth chasing and whether you should wait for them to be reduced or buy them at full-price. 

I've kept an eye on Nordstrom's ongoing sale, but my favorite, best-selling products aren't reduced any more. Rest assured, when the sales roll around again, I'll be updating you here.

6 Nordstrom Anniversary sale sell-outs 

Top sell-out products

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What is Nordstrom's half-yearly sale?

Nordstrom's half-yearly sale happens at the start of June, where you can find products on sale with some discounts better than the Presidents Day sales the month before. 

Nordstrom has a second sale soon after on the same date every year, termed the Anniversary Sale. This year the sale started on July 17th and finished on August 6th.

Unlike the half-yearly sale that offers deals on out-of-season spring items,  the Nordstroms Anniversary sale slashes prices on new-in premium products that are often trending or best-selling at the time. You'll be able to find designer buys across home, fashion, beauty, and tech. 

Is Nordstrom a high-end store?

Nordstrom is considered a high-end department store selling big brands and best-selling products. Home to Dyson vacuums, Le Creuset kitchenware, Barefoot Dreams bedding, and many more premium items, you can shop all of the trending top-rated products you've probably had on your wishlist for a while. 

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now over. We saw some incredible deals and Nordstrom restocked a lot of its best-sellers. I'm already excited to see what they have in store for Black Friday.

So if you're disappointed you didn't get your hands on that Le Creuset dish you've been dying to have on your kitchen counter, don't worry. I have great expectations for the next sale.

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