Invite warmth into your interiors with wall panelling from the experts at WoodUpp

Improve acoustics at home with panels from WoodUpp – the brand behind 'The Original Slat Wall Panels'

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Wall panelling ideas have come a long way and are no longer reserved to period homes. Now, wall panels go beyond full oak or tongue-and-groove options with many of the best finishes being more budget-friendly, sustainable and easy to apply yourself. 

Why choose WoodUpp?

WoodUpp was born from the simple idea to create remarkable wood products for the modern home, but not only that, to improve the design and style of living environments, whilst also enhancing the acoustic and environmental properties of the rooms. Thus Akupanel was born, an acoustic wooden slat wall panel, which invited the beauty and calming essence of nature into homes.


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Sustainability at the heart of the brand

Since 2017, WoodUpp has focused on two major elements in its offerings. First, creating a premium product which satisfies and delights its customers across the world and secondly, building a product with a sustainable production process. 

To achieve these goals, each area of the WoodUpp production process is carefully overseen by the team, starting with the selection of standing trees, all the way through to the final delivery of the product. 

What's more, by using only wood sourced from sustainable forests, WoodUpp is able to ensure the forests are protected for future generations, as well as continue to protect local communities and wildlife at the same time. 


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Easy application and acoustic benefits

One of the biggest draws of the Akupanel is its acoustic benefits, as the panels are specifically designed to achieve a significantly improved acoustic environment for any room within the home. This means whether the sound is to keep sound in, or out, these panels can improve a variety of modern living arrangements. 

These handcrafted acoustic panels go beyond the fantastic acoustic benefits as well, by allowing homeowners to transform any space into its modern counterpart with no serious building work or high renovation costs. 

The ease of application provided by the acoustic felt backing also means customers can easily apply the panels themselves and adjust when necessary.

 The luxury quality, smooth veneered lamella strips, which are offered in a wide variety of colours and varnishes, can also bring colour and texture to minimal spaces and introduce a calming, Scandinavian feel to almost any home. Making them the best well-known secret in the home design world today. 


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A passion to create great products and provide quality service has meant WoodUpp has recently expanded into the UK market and is now able to accommodate UK home design needs without the hassle of additional import fees or taxes due to in-country delivery. 

Discover the WoodUpp Colour Range and their collection of wooden acoustic panels here.


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