Avatar's Zoe Saldana's 'invisible kitchen' finds the perfect balance between beauty and functionality

'Minimalism is back but in a new way': The Way of Water actress has mastered this modern kitchen trend – and it's got designers talking

Zoe Saldana
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Famed for her work in science fiction film franchises, it seems only fitting that Zoe Saldana's home has a somewhat supernatural quality – and we found it in her kitchen. 

Though we admit invisible kitchens are not quite as futuristic as their name suggests, there is something to be said for their power in the design world. What the aesthetic lacks in otherworldly traits – it makes up for with its combination of minimalism and functionality – a combination that is not always easily achieved. 

In the footage below, Zoe takes fans inside her 'invisible' kitchen – a pared-back space that plays with a clean gray, beige, and white color scheme. There is a lot to be said about the room's sleek style – but we would argue that it is her integrated cabinets that stand out the most. 

Zoe Saldana has chosen subtle beige cabinets (without any noticeable handles) that sit opposite her polished white kitchen island

These integrated cabinets ensure the actress' appliances (including her cooker and dishwasher) are hidden from sight – maintaining the neutral color scheme and ensuring her minimalist kitchen remains as simple yet stylish as possible. 

These cabinets are not invisible, but the appliances are – and the result is as practical as it is beautiful. 

'The kitchen is consistently a busy, high functioning space, but it's also the heart of the home, a retreat ]you] want to love,' says Emma Bice, a fitted furniture design consultant, in the discussion of the invisible kitchen trend

'If visually, space is properly considered, decluttered, well blended, with subtle and beautiful detailing, the mind is freed, a softness is achieved, and feelings of happiness and pleasure follow.'

Zoe Salanda

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Paul Jenkinson, the founder of LochAnna Kitchens, similarly notes a rising interest in invisible kitchens such as Zoe's – adding that 'minimalism is back but in a new way.'

Paul Jenkinson

Paul Jenkinson is the founder and managing director of LochAnna Kitchens – a manufacturer that specializes in a range of styles (including models with integrated cabinets like Zoe's.) They specialize in modern and European looks, working with the highest quality lacquered Italian painted timbers from the UK. 

To achieve a similar look, Paul recommends opting for 'straight lines, fuss-free details, and clean polished finishes' – especially when it comes to your kitchen cabinets. If you love color but still want to enjoy an invisible kitchen, you can choose cabinetry with more vibrancy – making a 'focused statement that avoids clutter.'

Invisible kitchens are garnering tremendous praise from interior experts and decorators alike. These days, many people no longer wish to fill their kitchens with a plethora of objects, accessories, and bulky appliances, but instead strip these multifunctional, family spaces back to their bare essentials.

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