My favorite mid-century modern lamps for dark winter evenings

Until it’s time for sunset at 8 pm, these mid-century modern lamps will bring in the light

A selection of three mid-century modern lamps
(Image credit: West Elm, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie)

With vintage furniture all the rage right now, it’s no wonder that mid-century modern styles are having a moment. From stylish Eames chairs to the cool Nelson bench, there are so many types of designs synonymous with mid-century modern design, and as of late, the lamp selections have been catching my eye.

Mid-century modern ideas focus on simple, functional styles, and personally, these chic lamps are the perfect mix of minimalist and industrial. There are all sorts of colors available too, and various brightness and light options.

 With the sun still setting earlier than ever, I’d highly recommend getting one of these lamps on your radar. From simple table lamps to unique bedside lighting ideas, there’s bound to be an option you love. 

Best mid-century modern lamps 2024

Mid-century modern design FAQ

What are some main features of mid-century modern design?

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Mid-century modern is a design style that arrived in the mid-20th century, focusing on function over form in every capacity. Essentially, mid-century modern design styles are rooted in minimalism, clean lines, a combination of organic materials and (at the time, ground-breaking) manmade materials, and a funky, retro style that gives it a little playfulness.

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