This $10 bedding buy has cured my restless nights – and keeps my bed looking neater, too

Tired of bottom bed sheets slipping? This $10 find is the solution you're looking for

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There is little more infuriating than a bottom sheet, fitted or otherwise, that slips and slides around in the middle of the night. But how to keep it in place? This was exactly the problem that had been bothering me, and stopping me having a peaceful night's sleep. 

Whether you have invested in the best bed sheets or not, if they are ill-fitting, you might find that, like me, you suffer from a restless night's sleep. I was sleeping with a fitted sheet that was a little big for my mattress, and it didn't stay in place, which disturbed my sleep. 

Then I discovered this handy bedding tool. For under $10, this bed sheet holder (see below) solved my problem, holding my bottom sheet in place all night long. It also meant I didn't have to keep remaking my bed each morning. I thought I'd share it with you.

4 Fitted Sheet Straps | Was $9.59 Now $8.77 at Amazon

4 Fitted Sheet Straps | Was $9.59 Now $8.77 at Amazon
This is my bed sheet holder. Three-point bed sheet holders are perfect for quickly clipping your sheets together under your mattress to prevent sheets from slipping through the night. 

Why you need bed sheet holders

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Full disclosure: bed sheet holders aren't pretty, but this handy buy stays out of sight, so it doesn't ruin the aesthetics of your bedroom.

A quick poll of the H&G office, and I discovered that one of the most common bedding mistakes everyone on the team has made is buying fitted sheets without measuring their mattress properly, so that we have all ended up with sheets that are either too small or too loose.  

Enter: bed sheet holders. Also known as bed sheet straps, or bed sheet suspenders, these little grippy clips are perfect for holding sheets still through the night. I have also now used a set for keeping a flat bottom sheet secured on my mattress, too.

If you are investing in one of best mattress toppers (yes, we have a list), you may find your fitted sheets don't quite fit like the used to because of the additional cushioning the topper provides. The bed sheet clips solves this problem, too, helping to keep them in place.

Other than holding the bottom sheet in place? Without the straps, any movement in bed moves the bottom sheet around a little, causing it to bunch or wrinkle, making my bedding look baggy. With them, the constant tension they cause means my bottom sheet stays wrinkle-free, giving the bed a true luxury bedroom look.

The best bed sheet holders

4 Fitted Sheet Straps | Was $9.59 Now $8.77 at Amazon

4 Fitted Sheet Straps | Was $9.59 Now $8.77 at Amazon
In case you missed it, this is my bed sheet holder. It's helped keep my fitted and flat sheets in place on my bed.

Below, are three more really highly rated finds.


Do sheet holders work?

Sheet holders definitely work to hold sheets in place when they are clasped onto your sheets correctly and securely. If your sheet grippers are not working, then it may be that you have not secured the straps taut enough and left them loose or one of the clips has not been secured properly. 

Do sheet straps work on flat sheets?

A sheet strap is not only perfect for elasticated sheets but flat sheets too. Folding the flat sheet around the corners of your mattress first before using the bed sheet straps to secure your folds to one another will help to keep the sheet in place during the night. 

These small bedding tools hold a lot of power over how nice your bedroom looks. Will you be adding them to your linen sets?   

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