I'm a style editor – and this is what I am buying to upgrade my hosting game for fall

'Tis the season to get hosting, so these are the pieces I am picking up to update my dining setup

Anthropologie table decor
(Image credit: Anthropologie)

One of the things I love about fall is hosting. Whereas spring and summer are all about going out to enjoy food and drink alfresco on patios and rooftops, fall is the season for getting everyone together in your own home. 

And while the cook in me doesn't love the pressure of actually producing a meal, the stylist in me so enjoys the aesthetics of being a host. The table scaping, the dinnerware, the crockery. If my fall table decor looks gorgeous, and what the food is presented in matches my theme, I tend not to notice if what I actually manage to produce is edible. I like to think my guests feel the same. 

Every year I like to look what the fall trends are doing in terms of table scaping and add a new few bits to my hosting armory. And this week I delved into all my favorite brand's new offers to pick up a few new pieces that will upgrade my hosting game. 

9 buys to upgrade your hosting set up 

I've tried to have a mix here, some pieces are practical and will make hosting far easier, and some are just gorgeous pieces to have and I know will elevate my tablescapes and work with my fall decor

Also, as I do, have a think about pieces you already own and love and consider how the new pieces you buy work with those. I don't buy into the new theme every year approach but rather pick up pieces that suit my style and add to that collection each year. 

If you are looking for a way to start decorating for fall, I think making some switches with your dinner and serveware is where to start. I like to have a change-in-season celebration, sometime at the end of September to mark the end of the summer and begin the switch to comfort food and eating in, and that's when I start to introduce the warm color palette and a few hints of pumpkin into my home. 

Hebe Hatton
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