The best gifts for coffee lovers, chosen by a barista

There are one billion coffee lovers in the world and these gifts would please all of them

Some of the best gifts for coffee lovers: the Fellow Stagg Gooseneck Kettle with coffee and coffee beans around it
(Image credit: Fellow)

If you need to find a present for a coffee lover, you're in luck. We're some of the easiest people to buy for. Whether your budget is $25 or $250, there are plenty of gifts, gadgets, and appliances that your loved one will use endlessly and love for a lifetime.

If you hadn't already guessed, I'm one of life's coffee lovers. In fact, I am so obsessed that I trained as a barista and now spend my time testing the best coffee makers and coffee grinders, for Homes & Gardens. I've seen the good, the bad, and the gimmicks, and I know what makes a good gift.

I have hands-on experience with all of these gifts, so I know they're good. From practical to borderline-pretentious, here are the best gifts you can buy the coffee lover in your life.

Best gifts for coffee lovers 


Buying gifts for people who love coffee is easy. Starting with coffee makers and ending with coffee beans, there's plenty available. There are obvious options as well as more niche gadgets and accessories.

What's the best gift to buy a coffee lover?

If they don't already own a specialty coffee maker, this is an easy gift to give. If they've curated a complete coffee station, one can never have enough cups.

If someone you know likes coffee, there are lots of great gifts you can give them. Brewing coffee is a ritual integrated into many people's lives and if you can enhance that, even just a little, you know you'll be improving their everyday lives. That's a gift to yourself.

Laura Honey
eCommerce Editor

Laura is our eCommerce editor. As a fully qualified barista, she's our expert in all things coffee and has tested over thirty of the best coffee makers on the market. She has also interviewed Q-Graders and world-leading experts in the coffee industry, so has an intimate knowledge of all things coffee. Before joining Homes & Gardens, she studied English at Oxford University. Whilst studying, she trained as a master perfumer and worked in the luxury fragrance industry for five years. Her collection of home fragrance is extensive and she's met and interviewed five of the world's finest perfumers (also known as 'noses'). As a result of this expansive fragrance knowledge, she always puts quality and style over quantity and fads. Laura looks for products which have been designed simply and with thoughtful finishes.