Forget Cyber Week – Joanna Gaines' Magnolia has cozy Christmas discounts

I've picked the best Christmas discounts from Joanna Gaines' Magnolia holiday sale. These are better than lots of Cyber Week deals.

Magnolia holiday decor
(Image credit: Magnolia)

Sometimes, the best Black Friday deals aren't even on Cyber Week. I've been scouring the sales trying to find the best Cyber Week deals and there are plenty of good discounts around. 

However, if you're looking a room refresh or some Christmas decor pieces, look no further than Magnolia. They're offering 25% off sitewide, with much bigger discounts on some products too. Magnolia's holiday sale has been live for a few days and I've seen some of the best discounts on home pieces over there, and there's no sign these deals are going anywhere.

 Magnolia's speciality in this sale is holiday, cozy pieces. Whether it's an oversized, cable knit throw or a natural, pine wreath, Magnolia is giving maximal holiday spirit and then some. I've selected my favorite pieces, so that you don't have to do more sale scrolling than you have to. Forget the panic to buy an air fryer you don't need. The real Cyber Week deals are these homely holiday discounts. 

Festive favorites

Magnolia 12 nights candle

(Image credit: Magnolia)

Every year I like to add to my Christmas decoration collection. The key is to choose timeless pieces which will add warmth and festive fun to your home. That's exactly what Magnolia's holiday collection does - now for just for 25% less.

Cozy throw, blanket, and pillow deals

Magnolia bed with quilt and blanket

(Image credit: Magnolia)

I'm obsessed with Magnolia's Holiday Plaid Knit Throw, but it's worth considering some styles which will endure all year round. Whether that's an oversized throw or some accent cushions, they'll help make your bed or couch ultra-cozy. The only downside is that you'll struggle to ever get up off it.

Tableware deals

Scallop Napkins

(Image credit: Magnolia)

Christmas is a time for table-scaping, so it's worth investing in the best kitchen and dining decor around. Here are my top picks from the sale, but there's so much more to love.

Decor deals

Magnolia French Gray vase

(Image credit: Magnolia)

I had a wish list of Magnolia's decor deals and within one hour, some of my favorites went out of stock. There's still plenty more to love, but also a lesson to be learned: stock is limited. 

Furniture deals

Magnolia mirrors

(Image credit: Magnolia)

Cyber Week furniture deals are some of the toughest to beat, but I've seen some good discounts on really stylish products at Magnolia. Whether it's their elegant bench which has $600 off) or the $200 reduction on their iconic oak coffee table, there's a lot to shout about. Here are some of my favorites.


What are the markdowns in Magnolia's sale?

There's 25% off across the board, but there are some bigger discounts up for grabs too. 

Final thoughts

A living room decorated with Magnolia Hearth & Hand collection

(Image credit: Magnolia / Target)

There's a lot to love in Magnolia's holiday sale, with plenty of cozy pieces that are particularly appropriate for the festive season. If you've had enough of Cyber Week deals, I'd recommend checking out the discounts here: they're some of the best I've seen.

Laura Honey
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