We're obsessed with McGee & Co.'s Winter Collection – these beautiful designs are too good to miss

McGee & Co.'s versatile new Winter Collection can enhance your home with moments of warmth, inviting textural details and a refined sense of enduring elegance

McGee & Co.'s Winter Collection, cozy living room, dining room and kitchen.
(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

Rich with cozy, comforting and contemporary character, McGee & Co.'s Winter Collection showcases a wonderful new range of furniture, lighting, and accessories. 

The collection is centered on helping to create inviting moments of warmth, comfort, and timeless style in the home, and beautifully embodies McGee & Co.'s classic blend of the upscale and traditional with the more modern and casual. Perfect for cozy room ideas, the range is defined by tactile textures, deep, cocooning color palettes, and a celebration of natural materials. 

We've rounded up our favorite pieces from McGee & Co.'s Winter Collection so you can peruse the very best buys that are on offer.

Our favorite designs from McGee & Co.'s Winter Collection

From beautiful patterned cushion covers and tablecloths, to beds, dining tables, and wall lights, there's something for every room in the home with McGee & Co.'s Winter Collection – explore our favorite pieces below.


McGee & Co. Winter Collection furniture

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

From beds to sofas, armchairs to dining chairs, there is an extensive collection of new furniture available in McGee & Co.'s Winter Collection.

With an emphasis on natural materials, such as warming wood and soft linen, the beauty of many of McGee & Co.'s furniture designs is that they are effortlessly able to integrate and grow with interiors of all ages and styles; making them wonderfully timeless.

Included in our favorites below is the Limited Edition Clemence Floral Lounge Chair, ideal for making a subtle statement in a winter living room, and the magnificent Hughes Oak Extension Dining Table – perfect for dining rooms for those who love to entertain.


McGee & Co. Winter Collection lighting

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

The right lighting can make all the difference in adding to the look and feel of a room, and during the colder, darker winter months, the more warming, cozy pools of light you have dotted around your home – the better. 

From elegant pendants, ideal for suspending over a kitchen island or dining table, to inviting table lamps, these lighting designs from McGee & Co.'s Winter Collection can elevate your interior with practicality and style.

Kitchen and dining

McGee & Co. Winter Collection, kitchen and dining

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

As we spend more time inside during fall and winter, many of us use this time to host friends and family indoors – gone are the days for dining al fresco.

With celebrations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon, these accessories are perfect for adding a fresh new design to your Thanksgiving table decor and Christmas table decor.

From colorful tablecloths and tea towels to glasses and pitchers, ensure you're the host with the most this winter.

Decorative accessories

McGee & Co. Winter Collection, decorative accessories

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

It is often the smallest of accessories and decorations that can help to tie a room's design together. Whether it's decorating with mirrors or decorating with art, these final flourishes can add beautiful character and personality to a space.

We love the rustic, natural feel of McGee & Co.'s Winter Collection and have picked a few of our favorite decorations that will help to enrich your space with cozy charm.

Throws and pillows

McGee & Co. Winter Collection, pillows and throws

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

Having plenty of comforting throws and pillows dotted around your home throughout fall and winter is an absolute must. 

From throws draped across sofas, helping you get cozy when watching TV, to beautiful patterned cushion covers that can bring fall and winter color into your home, styling your space with new soft accessories is an easy way to refresh your home decor for the season and make it feel more layered with inviting, warming texture – ideal for fall decor ideas.

Candles and candleholders

McGee & Co. Winter collection, candles and candleholders

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

Candles are not only great for making your home feel more cozy and inviting through their warming glow, they can make your home smell nice and act as beautiful decorations too, what's not to love?

Often an integral part of seasonal decorating for Christmas decor and Thanksgiving decor, we think the more candles you have during winter – the better. 

Ideal for adding warmth, light and decoration to a dining table or mantel, explore some of our favorite candles and candleholders from McGee & Co.'s Winter Collection below.


Who is the founder of McGee and Co.?

McGee & Co. is a brand from husband and wife team, Syd and Shea McGee. 

Shea, an interior designer, and her husband, are behind the homeware brand, McGee & Co. and their interior design practice, Studio McGee. They also have starred in their own Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover.

Shea has also recently published her first book, The Art of Home.

Shea McGee
Shea McGee

Interior designer, Shea McGee founded her iconic design firm, Studio McGee, with her husband Syd in 2014. They later launched their e-commerce brand, McGee & Co, and star in their very own Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover.

As well as their beautiful Winter Collection, McGee & Co. also has a whole host of other newness to shop for the season. 

From their Halloween collection, explore our favorite finds in our McGee & Co. Halloween decor round-up, to their Holiday range, shop our best buys in our McGee & Co. Holiday collection feature, their seasonal collections have got you covered for the holidays.

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