What mattresses do hotels use? Here's how to bring that five-star feeling back to your bedroom

You can actually buy the plush beds from five-star hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton and the Four Seasons

A bedroom with a park view at the Four Seasons Hotel.
(Image credit: Four Seasons)

As H&G's resident sleep writer, I'm often asked: 'What mattresses do hotels use?' Following a particularly restorative stay last summer, I found myself asking the same question. I wanted to know why my hotel bed felt so much softer and more supportive than my bed at home.

The whole point of a hotel mattress is that it's designed to suit all sorts of sleepers. The hotel managers can't be sure whether they're accommodating a front, back, or side sleeper, someone who runs hot or someone who runs cold, or even both in the same bed. That's why the best hotels use mattresses that meet a variety of sleep needs and strike a careful balance between comfort and support. 

I've been lucky enough to sample some of the world's best mattresses from specialist sleep stores, but I always sleep better on vacation. That might be because I'm more relaxed, but I think it's because I'm sleeping on a better bed. You don't have to sacrifice sleep quality when you come home from vacation. If you know where to shop, you can bring that five-star bed back to your own bedroom.

What mattresses do hotels use?

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I've rounded up a few of my favorite mattresses from the world's best hotels, including the Marriott and the Mandarin Oriental. These beds won't come cheap, and they're unlikely to get discounted in the mattress sales, but it feels like a fair price to pay for hotel-quality sleep at home.  

Soho House x Hypnos Exclusive Mattress

Soho House x Hypnos Exclusive Mattress on a bed.

(Image credit: Soho Home)

Buy the Soho House x Hypnos Exclusive Mattress 

This mattress marks a collaboration between the iconic members' club Soho House and award-winning mattress makers Hypnos, who have held the Royal Warrant for almost 100 years. Filled to the brim with breathable wool and supported by individually pocketed springs, the Soho House x Hypnos Exclusive Mattress is fit for a King.

The Marriott Bed

The Marriott Bed in a bedroom.

(Image credit: The Marriott)

Buy The Marriott Bed

The Marriott partners with all sorts of mattress manufacturers, from Simmons to Sealy, but their own mattress is called, simply enough, the Marriott Bed. Supported by stainless steel coils, this hybrid mattress is on the firmer side: good news for back and stomach sleepers, who need a little lift to keep their spine aligned, though it might be too firm for side sleepers.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Mattress

The Ritz Carlton Hotel Bed against a white wall.

(Image credit: The Ritz-Carlton)

Buy the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Mattress

Even for a hotel mattress, this bed is pretty expensive, but your money goes a long way when you shop at the Ritz-Carlton. Combining the plush comfort of memory foam with the airflow of an innerspring, this mattress is specially designed to suit hot sleepers: the latex foam works to dissipate heat and wick moisture. 

The Four Seasons Signature Bed

The Four Seasons Signature Bed in a bedroom.

(Image credit: Four Seasons)

Buy the Four Seasons Signature Bed 

The Four Seasons comes in three variations – standard, firm, and plush − for custom comfort. The difference lies in the zippered top: it's pulled taut or slack to suit different sleepers. Whichever model you choose, you'll appreciate the zoned support, which targets each area of your body to give it the specialist support it needs.

The Westin Heavenly Mattress

Westin Heavenly Bed in a bedroom.

(Image credit: Westin Store)

Buy the Westin Heavenly Mattress

The Westin Heavenly Mattress was launched in 1999, following intensive research into which beds Westin guests liked best. Perhaps that's why it's such a crowd-pleaser. This mattress is lined with thousands of stainless steel springs, reinforced around the edges, and features a plush pillow top for that sinking feeling.

The Sofitel MyBed Mattress & Base

The Sofitel Bed in a bedroom.

(Image credit: Sofitel)

Buy the Sofitel MyBed Mattress & Base

The Sofitel Mattress is designed for couples who share a bed, but not a sleep style. Memory foam makes for excellent isolation, so that you can rest undisturbed, even as your partner tosses and turns. The bed is ergonomically designed for whole-body comfort and support. 

The Kimpton Bed

The Kimpton Bed in a bedroom.

(Image credit: Kimpton Style)

Buy The Kimpton Bed

If you suffer from night sweats or hot flashes, or you're simply sleeping in a warmer climate, you need a mattress that keeps you cool. That's where the Kimpton Bed comes in. This mattress is infused with cooling gel and treated with antimicrobials to bust the bacteria that breed in hot, damp environments, such as bedrooms.

The Mandarin Oriental Mattress

The Mandarin Oriental Mattress against a white wall.

(Image credit: Shop M.O.)

Buy The Mandarin Oriental Mattress

The Mandarin Oriental Mattress features custom fabric ticking with the Mandarin Oriental fan front and center. Sure, you won't be able to see it through the mattress protector, but you'll know it's there, and you'll feel the same plush comfort you get from a Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Sensitive sleepers will be pleased to hear that this mattress is thermoregulating and hypoallergenic.

The Hilton Mattress

The Hilton Mattress in a bedroom.

(Image credit: Hilton Home)

Buy The Hilton Mattress

Manufactured by Serta and made in the USA, the Hilton Mattress is shockingly affordable. Seriously: it retails for a fraction of the price of the best luxury mattress, and it's often on sale. It's lined with thousands of stainless steel springs for uninterrupted spine support and topped off with a plush quilt: all that for a little more than $1,000.

Hotel mattress FAQs

Where can I buy a hotel mattress?

Many of the world's best hotels have their own online storefronts, where you can purchase their mattresses alongside their luxury bed linens. If you can't afford an official hotel mattress, but you're looking to elevate your sleep routine, you should explore specialist sleep stores such as Saatva, WinkBed, and DreamCloud. That way, you're more likely to get longer sleep trails, free delivery, and extended warranties.

How can you make your bed feel like a hotel bed?

You don't have to drop thousands of dollars to get hotel-quality sleeps. Instead of throwing out a perfectly serviceable mattress, you could enhance its comfort with one of the best mattress toppers. Make your bed with a set of the best bed sheets, preferably cotton percale for that authentic hotel feeling, and keep them crisp with an iron. One quick and easy change you could make is swapping out your old cushion for the best pillow.

Final thoughts

You might have made it all the way to the end of this article in window-shopping mode. You might need a new mattress, but know that you can't afford the sort of thing they use in luxury hotels. As H&G's resident sleep writer, I firmly believe that you shouldn't have to compromise quality for cost. I'd encourage you to explore the best affordable mattress that meets your sleep needs and comes in under budget. 

Emilia Hitching
Sleep Editor

Emilia is our resident sleep writer. She spends her days tracking down the lowest prices on the best bedding and spends her nights testing it out from the comfort of her own home – it's a dream job. Her quest to learn how to sleep better has taken her all around the world, from mattress factories in Arizona to sleep retreats in Scandinavia. Before she joined Homes & Gardens, Emilia studied English at the University of Oxford. She also worked on the other side of the aisle, writing press releases for regional newspapers and crafting copy for Sky.