I use these 5 affordable cooling products to beat the heat instead of using an AC

Keep your summer utility bills low without sacrificing comfort with these cooling types, from Amazon

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With summer in full swing and the inevitable hot days and nights ahead, keeping your home cool is a top priority for maintaining a comfortable space. While cranking up the air conditioning is the standard go-to, it can be costly to install and run. 

Inspired by the different ways you can keep an apartment cool in summer without AC, I searched for the best alternatives to cool down a room that wouldn't drastically drive up my electricity bills. 

Below are my top picks that have been lifesavers during the hotter months – these five products are perfect for cooling any space while cutting energy bills.

Cooling products I use instead of an AC 

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In addition to ideas like rearranging a room to make it cooler, these cost-effective methods are great eco cooling techniques to reduce your carbon footprint and be more sustainable at home

Evaporative air coolers

Socket fan light

Cooling bedding

While turning on your AC every now and then may be necessary, integrating a combination of cost-effective cooling methods with low running, maintenance, and installation costs can effectively reduce your summer utility bills without compromising on comfort. 

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