The best time to buy bedroom furniture, according to the experts

Furniture and interiors experts say that waiting until the new year could be a smart move if you are planning a bedroom update

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Buying bedroom furniture involves a significant investment, not to mention some careful planning. Perhaps you are redesigning the whole space and are seeking a more modern look, or simply need to replace a bed frame or wardrobe that has seen better days.

Once you have thought through how you want the space to feel and gathered some inspirational imagery on a mood board, it's time to think about making the purchase. There are different schools of thought when it comes to the best time to buy furniture, but from speaking to designers and furniture experts, it's clear that there are two prime times of the year to invest in pieces for the bedroom.

When is the best time of year to purchase bedroom furniture?

Industry experts say that between January and February, and in the summer months (June and July in particular) are the times of year when you are most likely to get the best deals. When you shop at one of the best places to buy bedroom furniture, you can get the chest of drawers, nightstands and bed frames at the same time, or snap up a deal on the storage ottoman you have had your eye on for months.

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1. January and February

With the new year comes inspiration to update our surroundings and breathe new life into spaces that are no longer sparking joy. And the good news is, it's also one of the times of year you are most likely to find a bargain, whether you're looking for bedroom storage or a bedside table.

Nicole Cullum, interior designer and founder of Color Caravan, says the first 'best' time to buy bedroom furniture is approaching fast, in January and February. She says the start of the year usually sees low sales months after the holiday rush with more people making big purchases than any other time of year. 

'Stores are more willing to give you a better price on high-ticket items like bedroom furniture in January and February so they can meet their monthly quota,' she explains. 

So when looking for a new wardrobe, bear in mind that the end of the winter can be a particularly good time to shop. Not only are there deals but stores will also be looking to make space for spring collections, as interior designer Artem Kropovinsky points out: 'February is ideal. Retailers clear out old stock for spring collections, offering great discounts.'

Nicole Cullum
Nicole Cullum

Nicole Cullum is an interior designer in Taos, New Mexico, and founder of Color Caravan, a charming hand-painted line of wallpaper, textiles, bedding, and home decor.

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Artem Kropovinsky

Based in New York, Artem Kropovinsky, founder of Arsight, has a decade of extensive and considerable global design experience. Prioritizing minimalism, sustainability, and authenticity, Artem, alongside his team of professionals, works on projects in the US and worldwide.

2. June and July

'Another great time of year to shop is in the summer doldrum months of June and July,' Nicole Cullum shares. 'Many people are on vacation or enjoying their summer and not thinking about shopping for major purchases. 

'Sales are typically less in the summer and you can work with a showroom or store to get a better deal,' she says. For this reason, Nicole Cullum generally purchases her own furniture in the summer, well before the holiday rush and increased spending around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

'Once August hits, people want to update their rooms for the new school year or holiday guests. Stores are more willing to give you a better offer when demand is low in June and July,' Nicole adds.


How often should you buy new bedroom furniture?

If you buy well, bedroom furniture should last a lifetime, but it depends how often you want to give your space a new look. 'I like to update my bedroom furniture every five years,' says interior designer Nicole Cullum. 'I can always repaint a room, or swap out the light fixture for a brand new feel without replacing the furniture. But after about five years, the furniture can look worn with use and need an update.'

Should bedrooms have matching furniture?

If you want a very cohesive look in your bedroom, conducive to rest and relaxation, you may prefer to keep colors and materials consistent. However, mixing paint colors between your nightstands, bedframe and wardobes can bring more of a playful and intriguing feel, so it depends on the mood you want to create. 

'I prefer not to match every piece in my bedroom. Letting each piece of furniture be its own unique design creates more visual interest and individuality,' Nicole Cullum adds. 'I personally like my nightstands and bedside lamps to match, but I also enjoy pairing similar but different pieces in guest rooms for a layered look.'

In terms of holiday sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always good times to snag a deal, but securing one of those more expensive furniture pieces might be hard to come by with everyone else vying for the same items, says Nicole. 

With larger pieces like bedroom furniture, either buy local with free delivery or look for free shipping deals to save some money.

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