Feng Shui expert reveals how to find the wealth and abundance area – and remove financial roadblocks

Our Feng Shui expert explains where to find the wealth and abundance area in your home and how to activate it

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One of the most popular areas my clients and readers want to learn about is the Feng Shui 'wealth' corner. They've heard about people who activate the space and get great jobs, win the lotto, maybe inherit a fortune or have Hollywood stardom, and they want the same for themselves.

I'm not going to tell you this won't happen for you – it might, and I certainly have lottery winners, people who have received luxury holidays out of the blue, or won new cars/homes/hampers/valuable items amongst my clientele. However, what's more likely is that by working with your home Feng Shui, you'll achieve a happier, healthier, more successful, sustainable, and upbeat lifestyle.

When you look back in years to come, you'll realize just how blessed you were and how bringing Feng Shui into the home was the turning point for it all to happen...

What do I mean by the 'Feng Shui wealth corner'

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The simplest translation of the energy associated with this area of the home is 'Good Fortune, Blessings and Abundance'.

So, before we fall into the trap of assuming this part of a Feng Shui'd home is purely about becoming insanely rich, I'd like to give you a tiny but massively important reminder that blessings and abundance take many forms, and you already have a profusion of each if you look for them.

Asking for abundance without being clear on your intention may lead to abundant weight gain, an infestation of ladybugs, or a surplus of pillows. So stay focused on what really matters to you. Activating and balancing this area is about giving you more reasons for joy and happiness in whichever form you choose.

How to locate the wealth corner in your home

So with that in mind, the first stage is to identify where to find this exciting space in your own home. To do this you'll want to stand in the centre of your property and pull up a compass app on your smartphone. Please set it to 'true north' rather than magnetic north. This is important because Feng Shui works with true north and some parts of the US can be as much as 15° out due to disruption in the earth's magnetic field.

Next, look on the compass dial and notice which part of your home is sitting in the Southeast (SE). This is the location of your Feng Shui wealth, blessings and abundance area or Feng Shui 'gua' to give it the correct term, and it's the zone we are focusing on for this article.

If you have a home with two or more levels, you'll have a wealth area on each floor.  If it's a single-story or apartment, you'll just have one to work with.

How to remove blockages from this area

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As always, it's essential to identify what's already going on in the area and resolve any problems or challenges. What is it being used for? Is it cluttered? What is displayed on the wall, and does the art and décor reflect a sense of financial well-being? Is there evidence of water leaks, blockages, or damage to the home? I'll explain my reasoning for each of these below:


I'm sorry to harp on about the detrimental impact of clutter on all parts of your life, but the fact is, your clutter is potentially at the root of everything that isn't working well for you. This is especially relevant when we're discussing the desire to welcome more money and financial stability into a home.

Clutter is representative of procrastination, a failure to take decisions or action. It's the result of habit, fear, guilt, confusion, and even spite, and none of these factors will ever be beneficial in moving forward into a brighter future. Holding onto clutter through fear of not having 'enough' means you live in a constant state of 'lack' and that fear pushes away any new, more positive energy (or money/joy/happiness) trying to reach you. Your clutter means there is physically no capacity to invite anything new into your life, whether that's abundance, love, new opportunities, or anything else.

If we try to activate Feng Shui in a cluttered space for any purpose, all we can expect is more clutter and chaos, and this is why so many people who've tried to use Feng Shui without understanding the implications fall at the first hurdle. Before you start manifesting abundance, begin with a good decluttering session.

Once any clutter has been dealt with, it's time to thoroughly clean and freshen up the atmosphere. Abundance wants to feel welcome and appreciated, so treat it as an honored guest in your home and make sure it wants to remain as a long-term house guest.

Leaks and blockages

If your bathroom, w.c. or laundry are situated in the Southeast, it's doubly important to keep them clean and fully functional. This is not the place for piles of dirty laundry or musty towels.  If there is any evidence of a leak, drip, or pipe blockage, get it repaired and redecorated without delay, as this represents a lack of flow and money running away. 

To add an extra level of protection, tie a red ribbon or cord around the drains below the sink, shower, and bathtub if you can reach them. This is said to help retain the energy of wealth whilst the waste is removed from the home. It goes without saying to keep the lid down on the loo – no excuses!


Knocks, bumps, and cracks in walls, floors, and ceilings are always best resolved quickly. Broken or damaged items create dead energy, so get them fixed or let them go. Keeping them will not benefit your home or serve you in any way.

Art and Décor items

When decorating this area of your home, choose items that represent flow, positivity, action, and abundance. Everyone has differing tastes, so there is no 'one size fits all' solution, and the world would be a very dull place if there was. 

In the Southeast, avoid images that represent feeling stuck or going nowhere – tied-up boats, a calm sea or lake, lonely people, empty landscapes, and anything dark or bleak. Instead, select imagery that defines abundance to you – it might be flowers, fruit, a summer garden, a yacht in full sail, horses galloping towards you, trees in full bloom, precious stones, or whatever feels good to you. 

In some situations, a beautiful waterfall is a good choice, but I'd always suggest getting a Feng Shui assessment done before adding any very watery images to a home.

How to activate abundance in this area

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A little like rubbing Aladdin's lamp, this is definitely a time to be careful what you wish for.  You've opened the way for some quite significant changes in your life, so let's be sure you receive an upgrade on what you already have by keeping your thoughts, mood, language, and outlook positive.

This is not the time for complaining, negativity, moaning, having an argument or sulking.  Instead, find many things to be grateful for in your past, present, and even in your future.  In fact, establishing a gratitude practice will always be advantageous, whether you write it down, say it out loud, or keep it to your innermost meditation. 'Getting Gratitude' is described as a turning point for many of the world's most successful people, and it can be for you, too.

There are a range of ways to activate your abundance area, from simply keeping a vase of fresh flowers or an opulent bowl of fruit there at all times to the slightly more focused options:

  • An overflowing pot of money positioned on a mirror disc will symbolize money overflowing in your life.
  • On a more domestic scale, if you have your own business or side hustle, put your price list in the southeast, if it happens to be in an office frame it as a display item.
  • This is also an ideal place for a safe or to keep valuable items, precious stones, and metals.
  • Plants with upward growth like bamboo or jade plant (aka money plant) are a welcome addition.
  • Choose soft furnishings and décor items that feel opulent or define richness to you.
  • If you like using crystals in your home, the southeast is suited to Aventurine, Jade, Citrine and others purported to enhance wealth. Use them in moderation and keep them clean by washing and recharging them each month. If your crystals combined weigh over 2.5kg (5.5lbs) then this may disrupt your feng shui, so manage them carefully and if you start to feel stuck, reconsider your Feng Shui crystal placement or remove them from the area.

You're now in the best position to welcome wealth and abundance into your life because you've made space for something new and better to reach you and highlighted your definition of riches in your home.  Whilst this is the most basic level of Feng Shui, and focuses your intention in alignment with the essence energy of the Southeast, by following these steps you will refine your luck and opportunities. 

Suzanne Roynon
Contributing Expert

Suzanne is an Interiors Therapist, Feng Shui consultant, and author of Welcome Home, how stuff makes or breaks your relationship. She specializes in understanding the energetic impact of homes and certain possessions may have on all aspects of life, health and relationships, and the ways in which ‘stuff’ can actively prevent people and families from thriving and enjoying the lifestyle they deserve.