Your essential guide to Feng Shui crystal placement in your home

Find the best spot for your crystals to harness their energetic power

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Some of the unhappiest homes I have visited are crammed with displays of unloved crystals, bought with the expectation that they will magically infuse the space with whatever energy they are supposed to bring their owners.

It’s very easy when you’re struggling, or life isn’t going according to plan to read an article like this or walk into a store and be tempted to purchase a rock that promises ‘love,’ ‘money,’ or ‘good health.’ Before you know it, your home, purse, and car are crunching with various stones, and you can’t recall why you bought them or what they are supposed to do. Believe me, I’ve been there.

So why am I writing about crystals in connection with Feng Shui?  Well, as with everything in life, quality is often preferable to quantity, and if you are attracted to crystals, a few well-chosen options will be infinitely more beneficial to you and your home than a mountain of forgotten pebbles.

Feng Shui crystal placement

Crystals, like Feng Shui are associated with energy. They are used to represent the colors of the Chakras in traditional healing practices, and each variety of crystal is said to be imbued with particular energetic characteristics to support an area of the body, health condition, emotional response, or manifest a situation in your life.

For this reason, crystals can be used in Feng Shui. If you are interested in enhancing your space with the energy of these semi-precious stones mined from deep in the earth, this guide will help you consider how best to do so and what to look out for.

How crystals can be used in bespoke Feng Shui

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Crystals are regarded as an Earth remedy. This means the ideal location for them within a home is in the Feng Shui areas or ‘guas,’ which require an earth or metal remedy to balance and harmonize the energy. However, one or two smaller crystals in any gua will be fine—just ensure they support the intention of the gua so you don’t accidentally create problems for yourself.

What is a ‘Gua’ anyway?

A Bagua is a 3 x 3 grid of equal size that forms a feng shui map to define nine specific areas of energy in a home. The Bagua is stretched to lay over the floor plan of a home, and this identifies the eight major compass directions in relation to the center of the home. Each direction corresponds to a particular part of life, and these individual areas of the bagua are called 'guas'

What you need to know first

Before you rush off to buy numerous crystals, choosing one or two is infinitely preferable rather than filling a space with clashing energies. Select your crystals based on the attraction you feel for them, their tactility, and the sensation you experience when you hold them and close your eyes to concentrate on their unique energy. Some will make you feel good, others will not.  Don’t ever buy a crystal just because an article suggests you should. 

It is absolutely essential to keep crystals clean and fresh for them to have any positive impact on the home. When you buy a crystal, wash it in spring water and place it in a sunny or moonlit spot to ‘charge’ before wearing it or positioning it in the home.

It’s a good idea to treat a crystal as though it has a battery that runs down and must be recharged every six weeks. Without regular attention, crystals just become pretty stones, or worse, they may start absorbing and exuding negativity, which really is the last thing you want to happen. So, it’s a good plan to add regular crystal cleaning to your schedule.

So now we have that straight, let’s take a look at some of the crystals you might like to try in certain Feng Shui areas of your home.

Centre area – Health, Wellbeing, Heart of the Home

Amethyst is a catch-all healing stone, and if you wanted to choose just one crystal for the central area of the home, this would be an excellent choice.

Rose quartz, as you’ll see later in this article, is about love and compassion. A sense of feeling loved and supported can support many health issues.

Labradorite eases an overloaded mind and helps manage thought processes. It is also used to help with colds and chest and respiratory problems.

Bloodstone can boost the immune system while purifying and detoxifying the body, including the kidneys, bladder, and liver.

Lepidolite helps to release old patterns to ease stress. Interestingly, it contains lithium, which is used to relieve anxiety and promote peace.

Black Obsidian neutralizes electromagnetic pollution and helps to release stress.  It’s very stabilizing and can also be used to attract wealth and fame.

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North – Career, Life Path

This is a space where focus and direction are required, so consider Clear Quartz, which also assists with time management and attention to detail.

Sunstone is connected with career success, communication, leadership, and great decisions. It can also support promotion, making it a good crystal for home office Feng Shui.

Tiger’s Eye was traditionally worn by great leaders. It is thought to bring good luck and an understanding of the present challenges. 

Citrine boosts positive energy and success amongst its many other qualities, so it’s useful for the career and life path area. Keep it in your office for positive desk Feng Shui. 

South - Fame and Reputation

We traditionally see the south as an area requiring vibrancy and diplomacy, so the crystals reflect this, often in their color and latent energy.  

Rhodonite is a warm pink crystal that supports success and recognition by inspiring tact, social skills, and charisma. It also assists with self-confidence and clarity of thought. 

Carnelian represents warmth, strength, and vibrancy. It can add courage to performing and speaking to an audience (perfect for team calls). 

Garnet is used to invigorate and energize. It’s great for setting and achieving goals, and because it also inspires passion, it boosts self-esteem and enthusiasm to succeed.

East – Family, Community, the Past

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One of the biggest challenges in family life is communication, and the best crystal to support and optimize open, kind, and honest communication is Turquoise.  If you’re into working with the Chakra energy centers of the body, you’ll know turquoise is the color of the throat chakra and helps us to speak out and be heard.

Azurite is great for clearing stress, worry, or anxiety. It can also help with grief and inspire a feeling of lightness and understanding in emotionally challenging situations. It’s a crystal that may be used to encourage greater harmony in the home.

Moonstone is a very feminine crystal and has been used for centuries to help women conceive. In this situation, place the Moonstone crystal in the bedroom close to, but not in, the bed.

West – New Beginnings, Children, Opportunities

This is such an exciting area of the home and one that deserves to be activated to bring positive new vibes into the home and the lives of the people who live there. 

Kyanite is great for a fresh, new start, whether that’s after the end of a relationship. moving house, or taking a new job. It has a sharp, swordlike appearance which helps with cutting ties to the past.  Don’t use it in a bedroom, as it can interfere with sleep and relationships.

Green Aventurine is known as a stone of opportunity. It can support manifesting and the Law of Attraction. It encourages finding a positive perspective and the ability to embrace change.

Bloodstone is used in this area for generating a selfless perspective, courage, inner strength, and wisdom – all useful aspects when setting out on a new path.

Northwest – Travel, Helpful Friendships

This is a superb area to enhance because when we talk about friendships here, these people help in all aspects of your life, rather than being limited to a group of friends.  So, amongst numerous others, a teacher, plumber, coach, doctor, or taxi driver is a ‘helpful friend’. In travel terms, activating this area supports smooth travel, visiting the places you would love to see, and getting to work on time!

Amethyst takes the pressure off travel anxiety, regardless of the method of transport. It is great for keeping everything calm.

Black Tourmaline has been a ‘good luck’ talisman to ward off evil for over a thousand years.  It’s first and foremost a protector and can also clear toxic thoughts and psychological attacks.

Smoky Quartz dissipates negative emotions and energy to make space for positive experiences and more helpful people to come into your life. It also adds a level of discernment to help you make the right decisions about the people you ask for help.

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Northeast – Learning, knowledge, spirituality

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Green Tourmaline helps us to avoid distractions and develop mental strength and clarity. However, this is too powerful a crystal to keep beside a bed.

Malachite supports a room for studying and learning, whichever gua it sits in.

Carnelian is a stone which students often take into exams with them.  Its vibrant red/orange color gives energy and focused attention to detail. Of course, these crystals can't help if the student is unwilling to study.

Southeast – Wealth, Blessings, Abundance

I often visit homes where people have purchased various crystals to enhance their wealth and still struggle to pay the bills. Often, the crystals have been bought after reading an article or seeing a ‘money crystal’ sign in a shop. I want to reiterate that crystals can amplify positive wealth energy but will not enhance your fortune alone.  One or two clean, well-chosen crystals will often do more to support abundance than a whole array of dusty, unloved pebbles.

Jade is the Chinese wealth stone, and you’ll often find pieces of Jade incorporated into other symbols of financial wellbeing. Green is often used to represent growth, so if you decide to make a ‘wealth jar,’ Jade is an obvious choice.

Adventurine is also green and is said to magnetize good luck and invite prosperity to a home and its owner. As an enhancer of new opportunities, it’s an interesting stone to experiment with.

Pyrite or ‘Fools Gold’ is used by some as the stone of manifesting. It’s an exciting crystal to hold as it’s very metallic and shines like gold. Pyrite is regarded as supportive of economic stability and success, but use with caution, the term ‘Fools Gold’ can see those riches washed away if you don’t treat the crystal with respect.

Southwest – Relationships, in particular with a significant other

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Rose Quartz is traditionally the stone of love, but it always has two pieces to activate the ‘pair energy’ in the room. It is said to be the stone representing the purest romantic love. As such, if you have rose quartz in your bedroom and the relationship ends, please let the crystals go and replace them before beginning something new.

Red Jasper is about passion and sexuality. It promotes a flow of balance and positivity and increases the level of intimacy between a couple. It can be very useful if you are ready to reignite your love life. Don’t use this anywhere else in the house, other than the master bedroom, if it happens to be in a different gua.

Pink Tourmaline can be used as an aphrodisiac, but use it with caution. It also has aspects of abundance and may, inadvertently, generate an abundance of lovers, which might not be exactly what you are looking for.

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Crystal FAQs

Can you have too many crystals in your home?

Crystals can become clutter, and when they absorb a lot of negativity from their surroundings, they can contribute to feelings of depression and overwhelm. Choose wisely and use crystals with a particular purpose in mind. Always keep them clean, positively charged, and dust-free. If you forget why you have a specific crystal, it is probably time to let it go.

Are crystals essential to good Feng Shui?

No, I don’t believe crystals are essential to good Feng Shui. However, they can be an attractive addition to a space.  In homes where an owner or tenant has used bespoke feng shui, they come to understand that there are probably two or three areas in which locating a crystal or two could be supportive, but many other parts of the home where they would be less helpful.

The energy of crystals can boost Feng Shui areas, but on their own they won’t shift the space from a negative to a positive vibe.

If you want to wear crystals as a bracelet or on the body, choose carefully, and remember one or two can help you feel happier and more confident, but any more can create energetic confusion and overwhelm, as well as making you rattle.

Suzanne Roynon
Contributing Expert

Suzanne is an Interiors Therapist, Feng Shui consultant, and author of Welcome Home, how stuff makes or breaks your relationship. She specializes in understanding the energetic impact of homes and certain possessions may have on all aspects of life, health and relationships, and the ways in which ‘stuff’ can actively prevent people and families from thriving and enjoying the lifestyle they deserve.