These 7 home essentials can make your life easier this springtime

Prepare yourself for the warmer weather with these 7 essentials - from easier cleaning to healthier, nice-smelling air.

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Spring is finally here, and with it the joys of longer days and warmer weather. For the next few months we'll all be spending more time outdoors as we soak up as much of the sun as possible.

With the change of seasons comes a change in our lifestyle, hence the surge of spring cleaning checklists every year. Our homes are more lived-in in the colder months, so it's natural that we change things up when it's time for us to head outdoors again. 

In the same vein, there are some essential things to bring into your home that will make your life much, much easier this spring. Whether it's giving yourself more time away from cleaning or protecting your household from allergens, our selection covers it all.

7 home essentials to make your home life

It's amazing the difference a few objects and devices can have on our lives at home. I've rounded up the most important essentials to make life easier this spring and leading into summer and the following months.

An air purifier

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Spring and summer welcomes the warmer weather into our lives. But for many - or around a third of adults in the US, according to the CDC - spring is the start of allergy season. 

Do air purifiers help with allergies? By capturing airborne particles, air purifiers remove allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander from our air, creating a cleaner and healthier living environment. The best air purifiers have HEPA filters that trap at least 99.97% of micro-sized particles, including the allergens that trigger our symptoms.

As an allergy sufferer, I can speak to this on a personal level. I reviewed the Shark NeverChange Air Purifier MAX and found that it massively relieves my symptoms at home, so much so that I now use it in my home on a near daily basis. It's available at Shark and Amazon, and has huge coverage that can tackle multiple rooms at once.

A carpet cleaner

With how much time we spend indoors over fall and winter, it's natural that our floors accumulate dirt and grime. Coming into spring and summer, investing in a new carpet cleaner can give our homes a well-needed refresh, removing debris and stains that regular vacuums can't quite reach.

As we start to spend more time outdoors, and as our shoes start bringing the outdoor messes inside, getting a carpet cleaner in time for summer is a smart move to keep things clean. 

We've reviewed the Shark CarpetXpert Carpet Cleaner, and found that it was perfect for regular carpet maintenance, and can easily tackle tough, dried-on stains and pet messes. It's available at Shark, Amazon and Walmart.

Fresh air filters

Before you start turning up the AC to keep cool from the outdoor heat, it's a good idea to replace the air filters on your HVAC system.

Air filters should be changed regularly to keep things working properly, but replacing them right before the warmer weather means your AC will be functioning at its best when you need it.

It's also a prime opportunity to learn how to clean your HVAC system. It might seem like a big task, but it's surprisingly simple - and very important to do.

A robot vacuum

Samsung AI Jet Bot Combo robot vacuum cleaner

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We all tend to savor our free time in the spring and summer months as we try to make the most of the sun. One quick way of doing this is to spend less time cleaning which, let's face it, isn't what we want to be doing on beautiful days.

The best robot vacuums can transform your home cleaning routine, giving you a lot more spare time by doing the bulk of the floor cleaning for you. The best one we've ever reviewed is the iRobot Roomba Combo j9+, which doubles up as a mop and cleans exceptionally well. You can find it at iRobot, Best Buy and Amazon.

As it's one of the best out there, the Combo j9+ is a bit on the pricier end. If you're looking for a cheaper, but still capable alternative - our review of the eufy X8 Pro found that its vacuum and mop work well with intelligent mapping of your home. It retails for almost $1,000 less at eufy.

Reed diffusers

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Reed diffusers are a simple, affordable and clean way to keep your home smelling fresh. We've actually tested quite a few of them in our guide to the best reed diffusers, in a range of scents and price points to match any home.

They're much safer than candles and are heat-free, so they're perfect for gently giving rooms a fresh aroma without having to worry about them.


Diptyque Reed diffuser and Refill - Mimosa, 200ml
$210 at Net-A-Porter
This popular Diptyque scent captures the aroma of Mimosa Flowers on the French Riviera. Comprised of six natural rattan reeds, it fills your home with velvety, honeyed notes lasting at least three months.

A dehumidifier

The best dehumidifiers will be your biggest helper when the weather gets too hot. This is even more important if you live in a particularly humid area. 

Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air so that it doesn't feel so thick. Think: easier breathing, clearer sinuses, and less sweat around the house. Plus, they're handy appliances to have all-year round as they can speed up your laundry drying the colder months.

Homelabs, Frigidaire and Midea all have big selections of dehumidifiers with different capacities and coverages.

A pressure washer

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Like spring cleaning the big yard clean-up job comes around every year to prepare us for our time outdoors. It's exciting to get your front and back yard ready for guests and lounging on hot evenings, but it's also hard work. And if you have a patio, driveway, and/or porch - this can actually take some time.

But a pressure washer speeds things up (while also being more fun in the process). If done safely, pressure washing your patio or pressure washing your driveway will save a tremendous amount of time, and will leave the outside of your home looking pristine.

They're also not that expensive. A good pressure washer can cost as little as $100, like the RYOBI 1800 PSI model from Home Depot. And then, all you need is water, electricity and some cleaner to stay on top of your yard cleaning.

Outside of these essentials, knowing how to prepare your home for spring will transition your house nicely into the warmer seasons. And if you want to keep that momentum going, follow these five spring patio prep tasks to get your yard looking beautiful.

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