Everything you need to know about LG's CordZero™ Series

We get the lowdown on LG's CordZero™ all-in-one cordless stick vacuums

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There's no doubt that a quality vacuum cleaner is a household essential. But finding a model that fits perfectly with your lifestyle can be a bit tricky.

In the past, even the best cordless vacuum cleaners have fallen short in regards to battery life and suction power. But LG’s CordZero™ Series promises to change the game, with machines designed to deliver powerful suction and long-lasting performance.

But what makes these cordless stick vacuums stand out from the crowd? Below, we take a look at five standout features that set them apart from the rest.

The LG CordZero™ Series

There are five cordless stick vacuums in the LG CordZero™ Series, but the three standout machines are the All-in-One Cordless Stick Vacuums with Auto Empty:

While these names are confusingly similar at first glance, each model brings something unique to the table and sits at a different price point in terms of affordability (from $599 to $999). However, despite their subtle differences, all three models share some impressive standout features.

Versatile Attachments

Each of these three cordless stick vacuums is equipped with a variety of vacuum attachments designed for different challenges around the home.

Chief among these is The Dual Floor Max Nozzle. 'This new cleaning head incorporates both a soft roller and a carpet roller in one, so customers don't have to alternate heads between different surfaces,' explains Samuel Hodgkinson, Global Product Manager at LG Electronics. This allows each vacuum to transition from vacuuming carpets to hard floors with ease. 'We've also included a bright LED light on this attachment, to highlight hidden debris in low light situations.'

'The A949KTMS model also features a Power Mop Pro Nozzle,' Samuel continues. 'This is our new wet mopping attachment that allows for an on command spray feature and powered mop pads to scrub away stubborn dirt and debris.'

Moreover, both the A937KGMS and A949KTMS come equipped with a Mini Pet Nozzle for combating stubborn pet hair, and The Crevice Tool for tight and hard-to-reach spaces.

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5-stage cyclonic filtration

Health-conscious consumers will appreciate the 5-step filtration system featured in the CordZero™ Series. Each device is equipped with multi-layered filters that are washable and reusable, and this system captures 99.99% of dust, allergens, and fine particles, ensuring that the air expelled from the vacuum is clean and safe to breathe. So, if you're concerned with improving your indoor air quality, this is a win win.

Self-Emptying Function

Without a doubt, one of the standout features of these machines is the self-emptying function. The All-in-One Tower™ automatically empties the vacuum's dustbin when it docks, ensuring that you don't have to frequently empty the dustbin by hand.

'One of the major pain points we found for users was manually emptying their dustbin after cleaning,' explains Samuel Hodgkinson. 'So, we introduced the first auto empty stick vacuum that charges, auto empties, and stores accessories ‘All In One’ place.'

'The benefit here is never having to manually empty your bin, but also having a charged and clean vacuum always ready for your next cleaning session!' adds Samual.

Kompressor™ Technology

Each of the three all-in-one models also feature LG's impressive Kompressor™ technology. This system compresses dirt, dust, and pet hair in the bin, which effectively doubles the internal bin's capacity. Put simply, this allows you to clean for longer with fewer interruptions – perfect for anyone who tends to feel overwhelmed by cleaning.

This powerful compression technology also makes it easier to empty the bin with less scattered dust, which is ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies and finds themselves sneezing every time they shake their dustbin into the trash.

Enhanced Battery Life

Anyone who owns a cordless vacuum will know what it's like to get into the flow of cleaning your home, only to have to stop what you're doing and wait for the vacuum to recharge.

Fortunately, both the A937KGMS and A949KTMS model come equipped with dual quick release batteries, providing up to 120-200 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time. These batteries can be charged simultaneously while one is in use, ensuring the vacuum is always ready for action.

LG ThinQ App

Each of these devices can also be linked to the LG ThinQ app to unlock smart controls. This app allows users to monitor battery life, check filter status, and even receive maintenance reminders. It adds an extra layer of convenience, ensuring your vacuum is always performing at its best and ready for use when needed.

If you’re in the market for a new cordless vacuum cleaner, the LG CordZeroTM Series might just be the answer. These devices offer a promising combination of powerful suction, enhanced filtration, and a convenient self-emptying function.

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