3 reasons to buy a self-emptying vacuum – cut your chore time in half

Emptying the dust bin is no one's favorite task, so consider making a self-emptying vacuum cleaner your next household purchase

The CordZero™ All in One Cordless Stick Vacuum with Auto Empty from LG
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Let’s be honest: no one loves spending hours vacuuming the house from top to bottom, let alone emptying the dustbin when you're done. It’s a repetitive task that eats into your free time and can get more than a little messy.

Fortunately, the best vacuum cleaner brands have come up with an answer to this laborious task: self-emptying vacuums.

These cutting-edge machines are designed to handle the most tedious aspect of vacuuming and promise to cut your chore time in half without the need for constant breaks.

The benefits of a self-emptying vacuum

A self-emptying vacuum is a type of advanced vacuum cleaner equipped with a docking station that automatically empties the vacuum's dustbin. In simple terms, this means you don't have to worry about frequently emptying the dustbin yourself, because the machine takes care of this for you.

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How do self-emptying vacuums work?

Although these vacuum cleaners sound like a thing of the future, the technology behind them is surprisingly simple. When a self-emptying vacuum docks, it transfers any collected debris into a larger dustbin in the docking station, which can hold significantly more dirt and dust compared to the vacuum's internal bin.

Not only does this save you time when cleaning, but it also ensures that your vacuum cleaner maintains optimal suction power by keeping the internal dustbin empty and ready for the next cleaning session.

How Can They Save You Time?

One of the major flaws in traditional vacuums is that they require you to stop and empty the dustbin multiple times during a clean, which is especially frustrating if you have a large home or live with pets.

With a self-emptying vacuum, the dustbin is automatically emptied each time the vacuum docks, allowing you to speed through your cleaning without pausing to deal with a messy dustbin. The larger capacity of these docking stations also means you won't need to empty the main dustbin as frequently, which is just as well if you have a busy schedule.

How are they more hygienic?

Self-emptying vacuums are typically considered more hygienic than their traditional counterparts. The logic behind this is that the automatic emptying process minimizes your contact with dust and allergens, making these machines an ideal choice for households with allergy sufferers.

By reducing how often you have to manually empty your dustbin, these vacuums can also help you achieve better indoor air quality. On popular models such as the LG CordZero™ A937KGMS, the sealed transfer process and advanced filtration systems trap dust and allergens, preventing them from being released back into your living space.

Plus, the larger dustbin in a self-emptying docking station can hold weeks' worth of debris, reducing how frequently you have to expose yourself to nasty allergens.

They Perform Better

In many respects, self-emptying machines can outperform other vacuum cleaners on the market. For example, the LG CordZero™ range uses compression technology that allows you to compress collected debris and create 2.4 times more bin capacity. That means it's easier to vacuum multiple floors in your home without having to stop your cleaning session midway through and empty your machine.

What's more, when connected to smartphone apps, many self-emptying vacuum cleaners can deliver helpful information right to your phone, such as maintenance alerts, cleaning history, and battery status. This greater connectivity between you and your device allows you to maintain your machine and keep it running at optimal performance.

Investing in the latest and greatest home tech, such as robot vacuums and self-emptying machines, is a simple way to keep your home clean. Next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of cleaning, consider upgrading your devices to halve your chore time.

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