Cleaners of luxury homes reveal their cleaning secrets – and how you can replicate them at home

Give your home the five-star treatment with these luxury home cleaning secrets

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It is easy to fall into a mindless routine when cleaning our homes – wanting to get it all over and done with as soon as possible so we can get on with more enjoyable tasks. As a result, we start to miss spots or neglect big yet important tasks. 

While this approach does work to some extent (so long as we do finally get around to those big deep cleans) it is far from the home cleaning experience that so many luxury homes receive to help make a home look expensive and maintain their best furnishings. 

Luckily, cleaners of luxury homes have spilled their luxury home cleaning secrets so you can replicate the results in your own home. 

Luxury home cleaning secrets 

These cleaning tips, along with some organizing for quiet luxury, are guaranteed to elevate your space, cleaning experts assure.  

1. Don’t just clean – deodorize and extract

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‘In general, "luxury" in the house cleaning world is more related to making deeper changes, both in things that people notice and things that people won’t notice,’ begins Axel Avery, cleaning expert at Oakville Maids. ‘In other words, not just cleaning but deodorizing and extracting dirt from inside floors, furniture, upholstery, etc. That’s why you need certain cleaning devices like a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner, which push the dirt out of surfaces, not just remove dirt and stains. 

‘On the other hand, people do notice a nice smell. You don’t necessarily have to use products with strong fragrances, but you do have to deodorize if you want to make a difference. To do this, you first need to use floor deodorizer, especially if your house has pets.’

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2. Pay attention to different materials

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When we are trying to quickly clean our homes we often use one or two products and blitz everything at once. In luxury homes, however, cleaners will pay attention to the different surfaces and materials and use specific products for each, Eliana Coca, professional cleaner and owner of E.C. House Cleaning, points out: 

‘What distinguishes luxury house cleaning from standard cleaning practices is not just the quality of work but the bespoke approach we take with each property. We give special attention to delicate materials, such as cleaning marble countertops, washing silk sheets, and cleaning wood furniture. Instead of using general multi-surface cleaners, we select products specifically designed for these materials to ensure they are cared for properly, enhancing their longevity and preserving their natural beauty. This helps to maintain the material integrity of the space.’ 

3. Create a tailored cleaning plan

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Creating an achievable cleaning routine isn’t always simple when balancing other engagements. Still, it is a must if you want to give your home the luxury cleaning treatment, urges Steve Evans, cleaning expert and owner of Memphis Maids

This plan should cover both when you need to clean things, how often, and a list of the areas you need to clean – including all the tiny details that you might otherwise miss, he says. Cleaning frequently forgotten spots such as door frames, baseboards, and blinds will all contribute to that premium clean experience.

‘Detail cleaning usually includes polishing surfaces and not just cleaning them, especially stainless steel from appliances.’

4. Practice technique

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It is not just what you clean and how often you clean it that makes a difference – it is how you clean it, says Eliana Coca, professional cleaner. Just as luxury home cleaners undergo rigorous training, you need to brush up on your cleaning technique to ensure no specks of dirt are left behind.

‘This emphasis on skill development and attention to detail ensures we consistently meet the elevated expectations of our clients,’ Eliana shares. From brushing up on which tools work best for each task to breaking bad cleaning habits it all adds up to a luxury space.   

5. Deep clean regularly

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Deep cleaning is usually saved for spring – or when we have left something to build up for too long and it is crying out for a refresh. In a luxury home, however, deep cleaning is the norm, not the exception cleaning expert Steve Evans suggests. 

‘This goes beyond a regular house cleaning because you’re not only cleaning items on the surface, but you’re also removing grease, grime, dust, food scraps, etc. And that takes extra time and energy, as well as handling more specialized cleaning products.’

This might seem too time-consuming, but deep cleaning regularly means that nothing becomes dirty enough for it to take hours to scrub out. Deep cleaning becomes as quick as a regular cleaning blitz and takes just as little effort. 

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning your home to a luxury standard, there are some simple places to start. Building up a good collection of essential cleaning tools, for instance, will make the actual cleaning process simpler as you do not have to clean areas with the wrong products – giving you better results far quicker than completing a hodge-podge job the first time and having to re-do it. 

Once you have your tools, then you can work on building the technique and schedule to make it a permanent habit. 

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