H&G’s Feng Shui expert explains how to use peach blossom energy to attract romance

Suzanne Roynon explains how a moving water Feng Shui remedy in our homes can attract love

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The peach blossom remedy is one of those powerful secrets in Feng Shui where a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, but if you take time to properly understand how to use it, the remedy can provide astonishing results.

So what is peach blossom?

Peach blossom is a potent Feng Shui remedy to create an environment where individuals have a higher chance of forming meaningful and loving relationships by drawing romantic attention into the home of someone looking for love.

Peach blossom in Feng Shui

It is activated primarily with a moving water remedy, or, as I’ll explain later, to a lesser degree by using your Chinese birth animal.

living room with pink soft furnishings

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I want to be clear that this remedy comes with a caveat, so before you rush to activate peach blossom, align your thinking and your home to welcome love into your life. Deal with anything holding you in the past, which attaches you to an ex, or diminishes your self-esteem. In this way, you use peach blossom from a position of strength and can fully embrace the sense of being more attractive and desirable, along with reveling in a more positive outlook on life.

What you may not be aware of is that peach blossom doesn’t discriminate! Once it’s up and running you are visible and on the radar of every potential love interest. You’ll be alluring, enticing, charming and the center of attention for a diverse array of admirers, attracting interest from all walks of life, so if you are not crystal clear about the type and caliber of romantic companion you are interested in, you may suddenly be bombarded. From experience, it’s like having a flashing red heart above your head saying, 'I’m here.'

That might sound awesome, but as anyone who has received an influx of unwelcome attention will tell you, it can be uncomfortable being adored by people who don’t float your boat! It’s our natural instinct to not be cruel to lovestruck admirers, but when they don’t get the message, they become a nuisance. This is something it pays to be prepared for.

So, while peach blossom remedy may attract ‘the one’ it also has the potential to encourage a plethora of other ‘less suitable’ fans, some of whom may be dazzling and yet so entirely wrong for you. It’s easy to be caught up in romance without considering whether a person genuinely has the potential to be worthy of love in the long term.

If you aren’t clear on the values and attributes of the quality partner who ticks all your emotional, practical, and physical boxes, this is a good time to write your ‘Manifesto for Love’ to eliminate the incompatible. You’ll find everything you need to know to create your own manifesto in my book, Welcome Home, how stuff makes or breaks your relationship, at Amazon.

How to energize peach blossom

I can't emphasize this enough: once you have met ‘the one’ and you are sure they feel the same about you, remove your peach blossom remedy completely. With those words of caution firmly in place, let's get to it.

Firstly, some homes have permanent ‘peach blossom’ energy due to their position and the year in which they were built or renovated. Accidentally moving into peach blossom energy can be a disaster for previously happy marriages and cause havoc for workplace relationships, if it is situated on business premises.

If you suspect your home has permanent peach blossom energy, the only way to find out is a Feng Shui report created by an expert to assess the precise energy in each area of the home with a Feng Shui energy map. The report identifies the unique requirements of a home and, depending on whether you are actively looking for love or not, will explain how to boost or mute it.

One of my lovely clients, let’s call him Edward, was specifically looking for a home with ‘Good for Money and People’ energy. He also happened to be widowed and was interested in a new romance, so when he realized the newly built house he had chosen had permanent peach blossom, he was delighted.

I was there to implement his Feng Shui on the day he moved in, and asked Edward if he was sure he wanted to stimulate the romance energy. He eagerly agreed and we used a large vase and water pump to get the peach blossom started. 

Working elsewhere in the house installing his other Feng Shui remedies, I was vaguely aware of his phone ringing but didn’t take much notice. A couple of hours later, Edward asked me to switch off the remedy. It turned out five women had asked him on dates! While we didn’t deliberately block the latent energy, he chose not to send it into overdrive.

The latent peach blossom energy in Edward’s home means he now has a constant flow of interest, and he has decided this is much more fun than being ‘tied’ to one partner. Edward’s life is a whirl of dinners and social occasions, and he always has a companion to accompany him. He’s recently started going abroad for retreat holidays just to enjoy some quiet time!

While the peach blossom integrated into Edward’s home is proving beneficial for him, this isn't the case for his married neighbors, whose homes also happen to have underlying peach blossom energy. Regrettably, this has caused significant strain in two of those relationships, pushing them to the brink. In such household settings, it helps to take pre-emptive measures to block peach blossom energy before it manifests as a problem. Fortunately, this is a straightforward process. The challenge lies in identifying whether your home possesses built-in peach blossom energy in the first place. Without this awareness, it's easy to remain oblivious to the root cause of sudden and unexpected romantic interests that seem to flourish when couples relocate to a new residence.

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Another reason for caution before implementing peach blossom is when you share a home with someone who is already in a committed relationship, perhaps a family member or housemate.

Because Feng Shui energy shifts slightly each February, peach blossom can ‘visit’ a home for the duration of a year. This is unique to every property, and much as I’d love to tell you exactly when it will turn up in your space, it’s only possible to be sure by speaking to a professional.

We discovered the pitfalls of annual peach blossom in our own home when it visited in 2021. I decided to test the energy and activated peach blossom for myself. Oops! My married daughter became an object of desire wherever she went. Men were striking up conversations with her on the train, at work, when she was out with friends, or at the gym. She couldn’t even pop to the supermarket without being chatted up. It was very intrusive and, needless to say, we removed the remedy and equilibrium quickly returned.

How to use peach blossom at home

The most effective form of peach blossom remedy involves constantly moving water. Water represents flow in Feng Shui, and you are asking your home to provide you with a flow of potential suitors. In the most generic terms, peach blossom may be present in the center area of your home during 2023. Note that this location will change to the Northwest in February 2024, and remember, each property is unique, and its altogether possible peach blossom is more powerful in another part of the home.

Take a large vase or container that will hold in excess of three liters (5 pints) of water and position it in the center of your home. Add a silent mini water pump, at Amazon, to keep the water gently moving 24/7. Still water will not work as the peach blossom remedy and quickly becomes stagnant. The water also needs to be able to ‘breathe’ so don’t put it in a closet or sealed container. 

Other water options would be an aquarium with an air brick, a pet fountain, or a mini pump in a bucket. You could use a tabletop water feature, but many indoor options hold less than a pint and require regular topping up. Motors can be noisy, and a constant trickle of water might not suit your lifestyle.

An alternative method to activate romance energy

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If you prefer a more discreet method to activate romance energy, place four living bamboo stems in the area of your home prescribed by your year of birth according to the Chinese animal calendar. This is essentially Peach-Blossom-Lite! It’s not as effective as galvanizing the unique Peach Blossom feng shui of your home with water, but it’s a fun experiment to try.

Firstly, identify your personal peach blossom location based on your Chinese birth animal. You can identify your birth animal online. Identify the correct compass direction by using a free compass app on your cell phone. The peach blossom location is very exact so please don’t just assume it’s in the right spot. Check and check again.

Once your peach blossom is in position, it’s important to be in a positive and confident mindset to welcome new interest. Potential lovers are not going to find you if you’re sitting on the couch scoffing ice cream and watching Netflix. You do need to get out there with the right attitude.

The right partner is unlikely to find you if you spend all day scowling or don’t make any effort. You’ll attract people, but not the type to cherish.

Be ready to smile and interact, and always be polite and respectful, even if the person who plucks up the courage to connect with you isn’t ever going to be your perfect match. With your Manifesto for Love in place, you’ll find the caliber of the people you draw to you is more closely attuned to your desires, and you may be presented with a selection of prime candidates to choose from. Alternatively, you might just look across a crowded space and lock eyes with ‘the one’ and the rest will be history.

If the interest becomes overwhelming, turn off the remedy until things calm down. 


What are the key points to remember about peach blossom in Feng Shui?

  • De-activate the remedy as soon as you are ready to commit to a specific person.
  • Don’t use in homes where anyone is already in a happy marriage or relationship.
  • Be clear on the type of person you want to attract by using the Manifesto for Love™ process to weed out unwelcome admirers.
  • If you are attracting ‘the wrong people’ turn off the remedy and review your home with Interiors Therapy.
  • To be absolutely sure you have your remedy in the right place, get a Feng Shui report done to avoid inadvertently damaging another aspect of your happiness.

However, if you are magnetizing the ‘wrong’ people. Remove your peach blossom remedy and reassess your situation. The energy you are exuding is almost certainly tempting to people on the wrong wavelength who are unworthy of your time or interest. If you keep meeting carbon copies of a toxic ex, or you are not valued by people you meet, take a step back. 

This situation is giving you useful feedback. It’s likely there are emotional factors at play and something in your home is holding you in a negative past pattern. You will need to release any repeat patterns before you can enjoy a healthy, rewarding, and quality loving relationship. An interiors therapist will be able to help you identify what’s going on and guide you to resolve the challenges.

Suzanne Roynon
Contributing Expert

Suzanne is an Interiors Therapist, Feng Shui consultant, and author of Welcome Home, how stuff makes or breaks your relationship. She specializes in understanding the energetic impact of homes and certain possessions may have on all aspects of life, health and relationships, and the ways in which ‘stuff’ can actively prevent people and families from thriving and enjoying the lifestyle they deserve.