Essential spring home maintenance jobs – 6 tasks you need to finish after the frosts

It isn't just your yard that needs attention after the final frost – your home requires a spruce up too

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When we think of spring maintenance we usually look to our backyards and lawn care – but our properties also need a good deal of care and attention after winter.

From cleaning tips to DIY projects, home maintenance in springtime can help repair any damage left behind from harsh winter weather and help to prepare your space for increasingly hot summers. 

These are the six essential spring home maintenance tasks you need to complete after the final frost, and how they help to prepare your home for the warmer months. 

Spring home maintenance tasks

Unlike home maintenance tasks to complete in January and February, spring home maintenance focuses on preparing your home for warmer weather, rather than shoring it up against snow and performing maintenance tasks to lower energy bills.  

1. Close up your chimney for summer

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With the majority of our fireplace usage behind us for the spring and summer, it's time to draft-proof your fireplace. While it might seem counterintuitive to stop drafts in the hotter months when we want to stay cool, blocking up your chimney can help to keep cool air from your HVAC system inside, says Josh Rudin, contractor at ASAP Restoration, keeping you a more comfortable temperature. 

‘This is also a great time to get a chimney sweep to do some cleaning and maintenance,’ he adds. ‘Built-up creosote can cause a chimney fire which can devastate a home with fire, soot, and smoke damage.’

2. Schedule appliance servicing

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'Several appliances around your home benefit from servicing, and springtime is a great time to get it all done, alongside cleaning your home,' suggests Docia Boylen, owner of Handyman Connection of Golden.

Servicing appliances you use a lot through fall and winter, such as cleaning your washing machine and dryer for instance, will ensure they are clean, free from lint buildup, and in full working order for the rest of the year. 

3. Have your HVAC tuned for Summer

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'Our air conditioners will have been collecting dust over winter, meaning servicing and cleaning an AC should be the top of your spring maintenance checklist,' suggests Anthony Carrino, celebrity home renovator at Trane Residential:

‘Adopting a seasonal maintenance routine for your HVAC system will help ensure your system is running efficiently. With warmer weather ahead, call your local HVAC pro to ensure your air conditioner or heat pump is working properly. 

‘In preparation for spring, it’s important to replace the filter (every 30-90 days should do the trick) in all units with removable filters, which may include furnaces, air conditioners, and air handlers,’ he continues. ‘Heating and cooling uses nearly half of the energy in your home, so investing in an energy-efficient system is a smart move that will save you money in the long run.’

4. Check your gutters after the final frost

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Springtime, when the last of the ice has cleared away, is one of the best times to clean gutters. This gives you the best chance of spotting any damage that will need urgent repairs, says Josh Rudin, contractor.

‘Inspect the roof and gutters for clogs and dams that may cause water to back up when the next heavy rain falls. These can force water into the layers of your roof and erode them, rot them, or separate them during freeze and thaw cycles. If the layers of your roof start to spread apart, water damage and mold growth are not far behind.’

5. Clean windows

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Although April showers are still rife through spring, it is a good idea to clean your windows around this time of year to wash away the dust and dirt from winter, says Gabriella Dyson, Head of Solved for Homes & Gardens. Starting here allows more springtime sunshine into your home, helping to improve your mood and boost your motivation, and make your spring cleaning easier by showing up dust to help you remove it, she explains. 

6. Repair patio spaces

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With the bulk of the home maintenance out of the way, it is time to turn your attention to your yard. Before starting on your essential lawn care tasks, it can help to prepare a patio for spring, suggests Elizabeth Dodson, Co-Founder of home management system HomeZada.

‘Now families are heading outside to enjoy nicer weather, it is the perfect time to check and repair any winter storm-related damage,’ she begins. ‘An often-overlooked source of concern is loose or broken deck boards and railings that may look fine but are a safety hazard, repairing these should be a top priority now the weather is warming up.’ 

Resealing your decks and cleaning stones is also a great way to spruce the space up for spring while ensuring the surfaces are protected against heavy footfall and spring showers. 


When should I carry out spring home maintenance? 

You should start looking at spring home maintenance around mid to late March. This is usually when the weather gets milder and dryer, making it easier to get outside and carry out tasks without yourself, your home, or your tools getting wet and cold. 

How do you make a home maintenance checklist? 

When making a home maintenance checklist personalized for your property, walk around your space with a notebook and make a note of anything mechanical that might need servicing, anything exposed to the elements that might need repairing or refreshing, and any areas that are not cleaned regularly that could do with being cleared up – such as windows, or gutters. These will be the basic tasks that you should address most seasons to keep your home in one piece. 

Performing annual spring home maintenance is a great way to prepare for spring cleaning. Checking for damage and ensuring any work is carried out before you clean up your home avoids giving yourself more work.  

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