Cleaning experts reveal the exact date you should start spring cleaning in 2024

Starting on this date is particularly prudent if you want to be efficient with your spring cleaning, experts say

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As the seasons shift from freezing winter to warmer spring, many of us start our annual ritual of deep cleaning our homes. No matter if we are excited for a fresh start, or dreading the process, one question remains: when should we start? 

While Spring cleaning can technically be done at any point throughout the spring season, there is an exact date you should start if you want successful spring cleaning each year, experts say. 

This is the exact date you should start spring cleaning, and why this date is so important to the experts. 

The exact date you should start spring cleaning

‘The best day to start spring cleaning is the first day of spring,’ begins Star Hansen, certified professional organizer and clutter whisperer. ‘It’s such an interesting thing that we humans begin to try to be our most productive selves in the middle of winter. There is no better expert in getting things done than Mother Nature, and the first day of spring is when she launches into her most productive time of year.’

In 2024, the first day of spring will be March 19th.  

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‘As spring begins, we naturally align with nature’s rhythm of awakening,’ Star continues. ‘It’s an amazing time to dig into those cleaning and organizing goals. Aligning your spring cleaning with the first day of spring will help you move out of winter’s cozy embrace and inspire you to tackle the spring cleaning tasks in your life.’

Picking the first day of spring as your start date will often give you plenty of time to prepare for spring cleaning, giving you a chance to analyze what you need to get done in your home and create a spring cleaning checklist or a vision board to help you declutter and clean, and ensure that you have everything on your essential cleaning supplies list before you get started.  

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There is more to waiting for the first day of spring than ensuring you are motivated to clean and well-prepared with products, however. Waiting for the weather to really warm up a bit and the sun to stay out longer gives you an advantage when cleaning, adds Delah Gomasi, Managing Director and cleaning expert at MaidForYou. 

‘The temperate nature of spring allows you to air out your home, and clean windows that you wouldn't have been able to do in the winter,’ she explains. 

That is not to say that you can’t start your spring cleaning early, or delay it until you have more free time or energy, however, especially if it will help you to spring clean without getting overwhelmed, Delah continues. ‘You might find the ideal weather conditions are around the start of the third month of spring, on or around the first weekend in May. When the pollen dies down, there are fewer allergens in the air and the heat of summer is still a month away.’ 


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Where do I start with spring cleaning?

When starting spring cleaning, it is best to start with the areas you usually neglect when cleaning your home weekly. This could be your baseboards, behind furniture and appliances, or deep cleaning your carpets. Tackling the areas we usually forget or procrastinate is the whole point of spring cleaning, so starting with them will help to set you up for success. 

How long does spring cleaning last?

Spring cleaning can last for as long or as short as you need it to for your home. While some people opt to spring clean a home in one day, others like to plan the process out and deep clean different areas over the course of a few days or even weeks. It is important to ensure that you don't rush any tasks, but don't draw the process out so long that you are procrastinating finishing them off. Writing a checklist with deadlines that fit around your schedule can help with this.  

While the first day of spring is the traditional date to start with spring cleaning, that doesn't always mean it is set in stone. As with any cleaning tradition or practice, working when you have plenty of time and don't feel stressed is always better than meeting a set deadline.  Whether you choose to embrace tradition or start early, the ultimate goal is to create a space that helps uplift and refresh you in the brighter months.  

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