Why you should start spring cleaning early – 3 reasons you should get a headstart

There are no downsides to getting a head start this spring, experts say

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Spring cleaning is one of the most intensive cleaning protocols we follow in our homes year after year – but it needn’t be rushed or stressful, so long as you start spring cleaning early, that is. 

To help get through your spring cleaning checklist without burning out, professionals are suggesting you start a little earlier this year, taking advantage of the early sunshine and longer days as soon as they break through the winter gloom. 

From spring cleaning without getting overwhelmed to having more time to enjoy the nicer weather, these are the three main reasons you should start spring cleaning early. 

Why you should start spring cleaning early

Starting early and planning out your tasks in advance is one of the best expert tips for successful spring cleaning that doesn't leave you feeling burnt out at the end. Here’s why.  

1. It reduces stress and fatigue

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When we get a sudden burst of motivation after dealing with low mood and decreased energy for so long, we often pile a lot of big expectations on ourselves to completely flip our spaces and freshen up our homes. As a result, we try to tackle too many tasks at once and end up decluttering when we feel overwhelmed, leaving us exhausted – or sometimes giving up entirely. 

The earlier you start, however, the more likely you are to reach your goals, say the cleaning experts at Method and Ecover:

‘Spring cleaning can seem like a daunting task. However, starting early has many benefits and can create a more efficient and less stressful cleaning experience. Refreshing your home early gives you more time to deep clean every space without feeling rushed or under pressure to finish everything quickly. Spreading out the tasks over a longer period also reduces the stress and fatigue from cleaning, making the process feel less overwhelming.’

Make sure to have all your essential cleaning tools stocked up to make the process simpler. 

2. You can get a start before the allergen season

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‘The idea behind Spring Cleaning was the opportunity to open the windows and let the gray days of winter air out, allowing the rebirth of Spring to give our homes a refresh. Sadly for many, Spring brings pollen and seasonal allergies so opening windows may not be ideal,’ points out Bonnie Tomlinson, professional organizer and author of Stop Buying Bins at Amazon. ‘But we still like the idea of a fresh start as the seasons change and we have longer hours of daylight.’

Starting spring cleaning early is an expert cleaning tip for allergy sufferers that can help you avoid the allergy season altogether, allowing you to open up windows and doors as you work without suffering any consequences.  

3. You have more time to enjoy spring

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When spring does arrive, the sun pokes out from behind rain clouds, and the days beyond 4pm, it is natural to want to get outside and enjoy it to its fullest. It is a great way to improve your mental health after winter. 

To make the most of the new spring weather, starting cleaning early is the way to go, says the director at Nationwide Cleaning. ‘It’s fair to say that leaving everything to pile up and tackling it all at once can be pretty overwhelming. For some people, it can put them off cleaning altogether. That is why it is good to get a head start and tackle one room every week or every other week in the run-up to Spring. 

‘It makes sense to start decluttering in January and February and then deep clean in March. That way, by the time April comes around, you only have the odd cleaning job to do to stay on top of things.’


How important is spring cleaning? 

Spring cleaning is incredibly important for both you and your home. Taking the time to do a thorough deep clean of your home when the weather starts to improve each year allows you to tackle tasks you usually ignore, such as cleaning carpets and upholstery, performing general home maintenance after long periods of cold weather, and freshening up the air in your home after being shut inside all winter. 

Is spring cleaning good for your mental health?  

Although cleaning can be physically exhausting, it is important for our mental health. Getting rid of dust and dirt and opening up our windows and doors to welcome fresh springtime air can instantly improve our mood and shake off the dregs of seasonal affective disorder.  

When preparing for spring cleaning and making a head start, it is important to plan where to start so you don’t waste time. The Method and Ecover cleaning experts recommend starting with the areas that require the most attention first – such as cleaning the bathroom and cleaning the kitchen, before moving to the rest of the house. ‘This way, you will avoid creating more mess for yourself by cleaning top to bottom,’ they assure. 

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