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How to clean a floor without streaks – 5 expert tips for a spotless finish

Wondering how to clean a floor without streaks? These steps will guarantee professional results

How to clean a floor without streaks - kitchen diner with patterned blue vinyl flooring, wooden dining table with white dining chairs, white painted walls with red and cream striped blinds
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It's easy to neglect cleaning your floor as often as you should, but while this task may seem mundane, it will instantly elevate your space. Therefore, it's time to move the question of how to clean a floor without streaks to the top of your agenda. 

Whether you're working on a floor in a high traffic area – such as your entryway or kitchen – or you're looking for how to clean stone floors with a spotless finish – this expert-approved method is the secret to success. 

How to clean a floor without streaks – the professional way  


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These simple cleaning tips will leave you with a streak-free floor – fast. Here's what you need to know.

1. Choose the right equipment for your floor-type 

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According to the interiors experts at Hillarys, the process behind a streak-free clean begins with the right planning – this involves finding the best mop and bucket for your floor type. String mops (such as this mop on Amazon) work best on tiled flooring with more texture. Meanwhile, sponge mops work well on a smoother floor (like laminate).

You also need to choose your cleaning detergent designed for your floor type, but the appropriate flooring should be specified on the bottle.

'People who don't want to leave streaks after the cleaning should think about the cleaning solution they want to use because if the solution is messy, you can never avoid getting streaks,' adds Alicia Johnson, the CEO of Cleaning Green LLC. She suggests choosing a high-quality commercial cleaning solution or cleaning with vinegar. To make your own solution, you should mix 1/2 cup of vinegar into a gallon of warm water. 

2. Prepare your floor with a vacuum  

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Even after finding the right mop for the job, the preparation doesn't end there. The experts suggest picking up surface dirt with a vacuum cleaner so you have the best base to mop away. Once again, the best vacuum cleaner for the job depends on your floor type, so it may be time to make an investment in a new appliance too. 

3. Mix your detergent with hot water  

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The experts at Hillarys recommend filling your bucket with hot water from the kettle, as this will clean better than lukewarm or cold water and remove those stubborn stains more easily. Then, add your mopping detergent to the water and dip your mop into the water before wringing it out with a wringer. 

'Make sure the mop is damp, not dripping wet. Too much water from the map can damage the floor, so be sure to wring it out before letting it touch the floor,' they say.  

4. Mop in the correct motion 

Painted kitchen with dark wood vinyl flooring, blue painted cupboards and kitchen island, dark wood stools, grey marble countertop, white wall tiles

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You should begin mopping by working from one end of the room to the other – moving backward to ensure you don't walk over an area you have already mopped. 'If you're using a sponge mop, mop in a straight line, but if you're using a string mop, move in a figure 8 motion on the floor,' the experts instruct. When you come across more stubborn stains, they suggest rapidly rubbing back and forth and applying downwards pressure to remove the dirt. 

'After scrubbing each area of the floor, rinse your mop back in the bucket thoroughly. Remove as much dirty water as possible by dunking the mop into the bucket multiple times,' they add. 

5. Finish with hot water  

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As an extra cleaning step, it is a good idea to mop over the entire floor with nothing but fresh hot water. Then let the water dry naturally before re-walking on the surface. 'It should be streak-free and perfect to look at,' the experts add. 

Now you know the steps to a streak-free home; the only thing left to do is invest in the right mop for the job. 

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