Aaron Paul's dining room makes a case for broken-plan living – and experts love this stand-out feature

The actor trades in open-plan living for a cabin core-inspired alternative – here's why experts say it's ahead of the trend

Aaron Paul
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Having lived through a few decades of open-plan living popularity, seeing the re-introduction of broken plan design is welcome territory. And Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul offers an unexpected reminder of just how impactful this layout can be. 

In his home (curated by celebrity-favorite designer Jake Arnold), Aaron has turned his back on the popular open-plan design and opted for broken-plan living – starting with a dining room that is entirely separate from his living space. And according to design trend forecasters, he's not alone. 

While open plan living is still in fashion, Pinterest reports an emerging desire for separate spaces to sit down and dine in is blossoming. 'People have started looking for ways to bring to life a 'separate dining room' on Pinterest,' Matt Siberry, head of home at Pinterest told The Telegraph.

'Having a room dedicated to eating makes mealtimes special. Distractions such as the television or the clattering of pots and pans are no longer in your peripheral vision, and table conversation takes center stage instead.'

As Matt suggests, conventional 'formal dining rooms' are no longer the settings of this classic story. Instead, dedicated dinner-time setups are more appealing, relaxed, and comfortable spaces to enjoy each other's company with ease. Aaron's private dining room – with its luxe yet inviting aesthetic – showcases this perfectly. 

Another key to sucsess in Aaron's space comes in the shape of the Montana Moss Rock. The inclusion adds a soothing and tangible element sympathetic to the room's surrounding environment. 

'When choosing materials and the palette, we wanted to incorporate plaster with the Montana rock and reclaimed clad ceilings and walls to keep the spaces feeling a little more edited and a touch more refined,' says Jake Arnold via Instagram.

The use of exposed texture to create a comforting and rustic effect can be achieved by sourcing materials that are less hard to come by, such as standard reclaimed bricks or budget-friendly brick effect cladding.

Jake Arnold
Jake Arnold

In 2020, aged 30, Jake Arnold launched his interior design firm – mastering in tactile, atmospheric interiors that will stand the test of time. He has since gone on to design homes for the most fashionable figures in Los Angeles, including Chrissy Teigen and Sophia Bush. In 2021 he also co-founded The Expert – an industry-first platform that creates connections for one-to-one online consultations with over 130 respected designers. 

banquette seating with great cushions and exposed brick gallery wall

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The use of organic materials, soothing color palettes, and optimal natural daylight exhibit how the fundamental elements of cabin style are ideal when put into practice to curate an atmosphere that is charming and practical for both entertaining or simply enjoying an everyday meal.

'Shared meals around the table are increasingly important for people in these turbulent times,' Lisa White, director of strategic forecasting at trend forecasters WGSN, also confirms to The Telegraph. 'Our data reveals that the dining room has shown the most growth over the past year in the 'cozy living' conversation on social media.'

discovering your interior design style, rustic dining room with large wood table, chairs, concrete floor, beams, brass pendant lights, alcoves, plants

(Image credit: Sarah Solis Design Studio / Shade Degges)

The outstanding attribute of Jake Arnold's talent is his ability to generate a structural scheme with such rustic 'cabincore' comfort that the space feels it has been nestled within the snowy scenery for as long as the Idaho mountains themselves. 

However, it's also possible to get the Jake Arnold-approved aesthetic far beyond Idaho. We've hand-selected these picks, created by the designer himself.