Alexandra Daddario's kitchen cabinet color scheme is the mood-enhancing hue we all need for 2024, say experts

This historic hue feels very much at home in a contemporary interior, offering a sophisticated backdrop in a kitchen

Alexandra Daddario
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A shade that's always been popular in the world of interiors, teal blue is set to be 2024's color du jour, and American actress Alexandra Daddario uses this kitchen color trend to great effect in her modern kitchen.

The uplifting yet serene teal is an interesting contradiction, blurring the boundaries between blue and green, and equally between fun and sophisticated when added to an interior scheme. 

Teal currently riding a renaissance, according to Charlotte Cosby, head of creative at Farrow & Ball. ‘Teal is a very balanced, versatile shade that can be used to create a subtle or dramatic space, as it shifts between blue and green in varying levels of light. Its green undertone brings a sense of calm to a room, perfect for quietening the noise in busy, high-traffic spaces.' 

How color might affect your everyday mood is something to consider when choosing your kitchen cabinet color scheme. ‘Colors that surround us can impact our mood, energy and well-being. Teal, with its biophilic nature and blue-green undertone, helps to keep us grounded and encourages stress-relieving effects on the mind and body,’ says Tobie Lewis, head of brand at Valspar Paint.

But why does teal uplift and calm in equal measure? Tobie Lewis has a theory that links to the shades found in the natural world and the recent global pandemic. ‘Colors that have a biophilic nature, such as blue and green, evoke a stress-relieving and mood-boosting atmosphere.'

Spending more time at home than usual after the past few years has made us prioritize comfort and relaxation more than ever before. This has led to interior design trends in natural and organic hues, in our interiors.

Ultimately, we embrace this neither too blue, nor too green shade into our homes and our hearts because of the way it makes us feel. Character and warmth are the key goals in creating an inviting home. 

‘Teal is perfectly balanced; it is neither too warm nor too cool, meaning it is the ideal color to create an enveloping and intimate feel,’ sums up Ruth Mottershead, Little Greene’s creative director. 

When used in conjunction with modern or interesting materials, such as marble and stainless steel, as Alexandra Daddario has done, teal is an inspired choice. 

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If painting your kitchen cabinets is out of the question, then introduce teal through accessories instead. 

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