Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps his white kitchen interesting with this 'natural' colored decorating trick

'In the kitchen, a place where we connect with food and natural ingredients, this color feels right at home': Experts explain how to follow suit

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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The timelessness or versatility of a neutral kitchen is one that is not lost by celebrities and designers alike – but in all their practicality, there remains the question of how to keep these spaces interesting. The answer may have just revealed itself in an unexpected place: Arnold Schwarzenegger's abode, where he injects pockets of color without detracting from the overall neutral scheme. 

The Terminator actor is seen in his white kitchen, which comprises marble countertops and neutral cabinets that emit a bright, airy feel. However, it's the green tiled backsplash, seen behind Schwarzenegger, that truly brings the space alive. 

Though small, the green tiles bring just the right amount of interest to the room – allowing the primarily white palette to take center stage while ensuring it doesn't feel too cold or clinical. We can create a similar effect with tiles of various hues, but as experts explain, going green is perhaps the most fitting choice of all.

'Green is a color closely associated with nature and brings a refreshing, organic aesthetic to all spaces. In the kitchen, a place where we connect with food and natural ingredients, this color feels right at home,' comments Dallas-based interiors expert Brad Smith. 

Alongside their connection to natural food ingredients (the perfect theme for the kitchen), Smith explains that Schwarzenegger's choice of green is particularly perfect against his kitchen cabinet color choices. He notes that whites, along with warm woods, pair particularly seamlessly with all variations of green – whether we opt for an olive option (like Schwarzenegger) or choose deeper emerald tones. However, our considerations shouldn't stop with our cabinets and countertops

'The color of the grout can also significantly affect the overall look,' Smith says.'A contrasting grout color will make the tiles pop, while a matching color will create a more seamless look.'

A kitchen with dark green tile backsplash and warm neutral features

A space that uses a similar decorating technique to the one in Schwarzenegger's space.

(Image credit: Audrey Scheck Design)

'However, as with any aesthetic, it's important to consider your personal taste and the overall style of your home before adopting it. Green kitchen tiles can be a stunning addition to your kitchen if they resonate with you.'

Brad Smith
Brad Smith

 Brad “Omni” Smith, the CEO and chief editor at Omni Home Ideas, based in Dallas, Texas. Brad Smith is also an interior designer, committed to providing tips about renovating homes.

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Incorporating green tiles (especially in a neutral space) is the most impactful way to get the look of Schwarzenegger's Brentwood kitchen. However, we can still tap into his style via some similar accessories that deserve a space on every countertop. We've listed our top picks below.

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