Benny Blanco's bathroom taps into a bold trend that will be everywhere in 2024 – it artfully blends classic and modern design

The bathroom in the songwriter's home is pure art. Lucky for everyone, the look is trending – and designers can't get enough of its maximalist aesthetic

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'I’m seriously considering covering my bathroom in photos of bathrooms that I’ve taken,' says Jenna Peffley, the photographer who recently shot Benny Blanco's powder room. When the space looks like this, we have to agree with her.

The songwriter and producer's bathroom idea is one of the chicest we've ever seen. Designed by bonVIVANT INTERIORS, Blanco's space incorporates a stylish blend of vintage pieces and prints with modern silhouettes and lines. His bathroom features an organically shaped marble sink and a baroque-style mirror juxtaposed with white-shaded wall sconces and a modern checked hand towel. Floral House of Hackney Wallpaper enhances the whole look.

Though the whole space is stunning, experts especially love the effect of Blanco's bathroom wallpaper. Jennifer Ebert, color expert and digital editor at Homes & Gardens says: 'The orange, purple, and turquoise wallpaper gives Benny Blanco's bathroom a rich and storied feel. The white paint on the window and the white of the marble sink ground the strong shades and keep them from looking too heavy. The complex pattern of the paper brings visual interest to the entire space.'

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Furthermore, Blanco's design scheme is set to become a popular interior design trend this year. 'As we look ahead to Summer 2024, the world of the interior is embracing a delightful fusion of bold patterns, eclectic accessories, and mixed textures,' says Kelly Jackson, Principal Interior Designer, and Creative Director at ONLYCHILD Studio.

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Kelly Jackson

OC STUDIO is a multidisciplinary design studio by artist-designer Kelly Jackson. Jackson is focused on designing unique and innovative spaces with a strong sense of identity. Before design, she worked in fashion printing textiles for Alexander McQueen.

She continues, 'Using exaggerated prints and patterns in your home can make a major statement! A small space can be dramatically elevated with a bold and striking pattern or two, whether it's by using wallpaper, tiling, or even a rug.' The bathroom walls are the perfect place to explore this look.

For those hoping to emulate Blanco's trendsetting look, Jackson says the real style comes through in the details. She recommends, 'Incorporating accessories that match or echo your patterns and shapes is a great way of tying your spaces together, a curved or angular vase or plant pot that has a similar shape to the prints on the cushions for example.' We see this in Blanco's home with the way the gold leaf vines on the gilded mirror echo the curling leaves printed on his wallpaper.

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Decorate your bathroom just like Benny. We found the exact House of Hackney wallpaper used in Blanco's bathroom, as well as a similar mirror and hand towel to those adorning the producer's bathroom.

A little pattern can go a long way. If you're considering whether to install powder room wallpaper, this just might be your sign to do it.

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