Bobby Berk's genius fabric trick will transform your rooms in minutes – when repainting is not an option

In an exclusive interview with H&G, the Queer Eye designer revealed a stylish new alternative to picking up the paintbrush

Bobby Berk
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The transformative power of paint needs no introduction – but what about those spaces where changing your wall color is not an option? Bobby Berk has a solution. 

The star of Netflix's Queer Eye sat down with H&G after becoming the first Director of Dorm Design for Command™ – meaning small rooms were at the top of his agenda. However, when it comes to finding an alternative to paint, his trick translates to spaces of all sizes.

'What I like to do is go to the fabric store and find a fabric that I love, whether it's a solid color or even a print. You can take a Command hook and put them at the top of the ceiling and attach the fabric to the walls. You can basically make your own wallpaper out of fabric,' Bobby says.

'The amazing thing about that is not only does it create pattern and texture on a wall, but because it's a soft fabric, it also absorbs sound, so it makes the acoustics in your room better as well. So, you're getting style and better acoustics, all at the same time.'

Bobby Berk

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Bobby Berk
Bobby Berk

Bobby Berk is a design expert & Emmy-nominated TV host known for his work on Netflix’s Queer Eye, where he brings change to people's lives by teaching them that a happy home means a happy life. Bobby also hosted Netflix’s Blown Away: Christmas and was a semi-finalist in the sixth season of FOX’s The Masked Singer.

Most obviously, Bobby's tip is useful in rented spaces where experimenting with new paint colors is often disallowed. However, it's equally useful for homeowners who may want to flirt with a new color trend before investing in a more lengthy paint process. 

As the designer suggests, this trick not only changes your room's aesthetic – but it's also beneficial to its acoustics – meaning it is a great alternative that certainly isn't exclusive to rented homes

And alongside offering a new opportunity to play with new colors and fabric trends, this trick encourages us to rethink how we use our wall space – something that, Bobby notes, is especially key in smaller homes.

'When we are decorating small homes, we often just think about our floor space. We don't think about the area as a three-dimensional cube – we think of it as a one-dimensional floor. However, I always say when you're decorating a small space, think up and down, not just side to side.'

green bedroom with patterned fabric wallhanging

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'The Command hook (at Amazon) holds up to 5lbs, meaning you can hang all kinds of stuff. My biggest piece of advice is don’t just think about your room side to side; think about from top to bottom.'

We're picking up these transformative hooks via Amazon below. 

Command Designer Hooks – $10.39 on Amazon

Command Designer Hooks – $10.39 on Amazon

This package includes seven wall hooks and 12 adhesive strips; each utility wall hanger can hold up to 5 pounds each. It's the key starting point behind Bobby's fabric trick.

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