Christina Aguilera's Mediterranean-style garden 'creates a sense of harmony between the home and the natural world,' according to experts

Peek inside the singer-songwriter's stunning yard

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If designed correctly, a beautiful yard or garden can be an extension of your home, acting as the perfect space for entertaining or relaxation. And Christina Aguilera's outdoor space is the perfect example. The songstress's backyard is a Beverly Hills-based Mediterranean oasis, complete with a pool, stylish stone, and bougainvillea-covered trellises. 

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the style of Christina's beautiful garden decor has important lifestyle benefits. Gardening and design experts love the look.

To start, the experts applaud the beauty of Christina Aguilera's garden. 'Christina's garden is a luxuriously abundant oasis, teeming with vibrant Mediterranean blooms, creeping vines, and lush foliage,' says Rachel Bull, Head of Gardens at Homes & Gardens

She continues, 'The bright red hibiscus flowers give a wildly tropical vibe, whilst the bombastic hydrangeas and beautifully manicured lawn add an English garden style contrast.' Rather than a pure Mediterranean garden, Christina's landscaper has incorporated a mix of styles for a beautiful, unique look. 

Rachel Bull head of gardens
Rachel Bull

Rachel is a gardening writer, flower grower and floral designer. Her journalism career began 15 years ago on Country Living magazine, sparking a love of container gardening and wild planting. After more than a decade writing for and editing a range of consumer, business and special interest titles, Rachel became editor of floral art magazine The Flower Arranger. She then trained and worked as a floral designer and stylist in London for six years, and has created floral installations at iconic London venues including Kew Gardens, the Barbican and Peckham's Asylum Chapel

However, as the tomato design trend taught us, the Mediterranean style is about more than the look, it is also about living a sun-drenched lifestyle. Christina Aguilera's garden perfectly embodies this facet of design based on the way it is created to be lived in.

The stylish swimming pool and comfortable, white cushioned furniture create the perfect atmosphere for spending time outdoors. 'This space is all about taking the comfort and conversational traits of an indoor room and extending it outdoors, creating a more engaging and entertaining area that users will want to spend time in. The playful balance of indoors and outdoors literally pulls people outdoors,' says interior designer Ross Robinson.

He continues, 'The white upholstery and cushioned seating amplifies the relaxed nature of the garden. It’s all about comfort and easy interaction. This is a space where you can talk for hours.'

Ross Robinson Interrior Desginer
Ross Robinson

 Ross Robinson is a design expert with over six years of interior design experience and an additional six years in marketing and sales for home products. Ross now writes interior design and architecture topics for magazine publications and runs, a website about home office design.

Even the plants are set up for a pleasant experience as much as they are for beauty. 'The bold and lavish violet bougainvillea flowers on dancing vines are a quintessential sight in any Mediterranean planting scheme. In this garden it frames the poolside seating area, providing a natural canopy and softening the hard landscaping, ' says H&G's Rachel Bull. 'It's a wonderful example of the biophilic garden trend, which aims to create a sense of harmony between the home and the natural world,' 

Christina Aguilera's yard is a lesson is how an outdoor space can so effortlessly become an extension of the home. With Mediterranean-style plants and a biophilic design, her space is extra beautiful and functional. To take this type of design a step further, explore our list of outdoor living room ideas.

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