Drew Barrymore's Beautiful slow cookers are perfect for hosting in a small kitchen– and they're under $8 a piece

The actress's stylish miniature slow cookers make the most of a small space

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The Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Collection at Walmart has become known for the way it combines superior function with beautiful style. These super-affordable pieces unite gorgeous color and luxe finishes with the highest quality kitchen appliances, instantly upgrading the look of your kitchen. Recently, Drew took to Instagram to share her favorite aspects of one of the most innovative pieces in her range, her Mini Slow Cooker set.

When looking into the best slow cookers, it's important to consider the best cooker for your space. The Beautiful by Drew Slow Cooker Set just might be the right fit.

If you have a small kitchen, Drew says that the slow cooker is the perfect option to add some understated glamor and function to the space. Drew suggests, 'One of the things that I highly recommend is if you live in a dorm room, plug-in appliances will make an entire kitchen for you. If you live in a small apartment with a kitchenette, it doesn't take up too much surface area.' These cookers can turn even a regular home space into a carefully designed small kitchen

Drew further recommends her slow cookers for their ultra-affordable cost combined with a high level of function. She states: 'We have these brand new slow cookers made by my company, Beautiful. You can get two for $15. In each box, you will get two different colors: one white and one merlot. What I love about this is you can have two simultaneous slow cooks going on.' Whatever you are making, you can maintain an organized kitchen while cooking. 

The actress continues that if you only need one slow cooker, the second can be an excellent Christmas gift. Drew says, 'You can say "You know what? I prefer the white one. That goes better with my kitchen. And you can take this one,' she says, picking up the Merlot-colored slow cooker, 'It's perfectly boxed up, and you can put a bow on it and you can give it to someone as a gift!'

If high-quality, well-priced kitchen appliances are important to you, Drew Barrymore's slow cookers are a great option. For more well-ranked Beautiful appliances, read all about Drew Barrymore's air fryer on H&G's list of the best air fryers, tested by our experts.

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