Drew Barrymore's bedside table organizing tactics promote a zen space – needed for winding down to sleep

The neutral bedroom is a blissful oasis thanks to a minimal collection of personal accessories on her natural wood nightstand

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Drew Barrymore may be an energetic performer, but when it comes to winding down, the actor and TV host has some essential items she likes to keep close by. These include none other than one of Bella Hadid's new fragrances from her line, Orebella, along with an assortment of crystals.

In a video shared to Barrymore's Instagram page, she showed off her Orebella scent in Salted Muse while laying in her white, monochrome bed, while her crystals sit atop her antique, wood bedside table. Not only are the accessories zen, but the furnishings themselves evoke a calming ambiance; especially the table.

Just as table-scaping is an art, bedside table arrangements can be an integral aspect of ensuring a bedroom feels as calm and clean as possible. Experts say that one of the best ways to create this kind of atmosphere is to surround oneself with sentimental and comforting accessories.

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'One of my favorite elements of interior design is adding personal touches,' says M&S Home Insider James Rotheram. 'If you keep the top of your bedside table too empty, you run the risk of it looking slightly sterile. Adding a handful of personal items - big or small - can be the easiest way to take your style that extra mile.'

While Barrymore has opted for scents and crystals, Rotheram says that books are another great option to include when brainstorming relaxing bedroom ideas.

'Other ideas include small trinket dishes to hold everyday jewelry, a candle, and interesting paperweights,' he suggests.

However, while it can be tempting to include a cluster of decor pieces, Rotheram emphasizes the importance of being selective as to deter clutter (and keep the space as zen as possible).

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'Giving an existing bedside table a ‘glow up’ often begins with tidying away clutter and considering functionality,' he says. 'While your bedroom should have playful touches and decorative items, don’t overload your bedside tabletop. Limit your items to four or five pieces and add a small trinket box to organize all your essential items.'

To further enhance a calm bedroom space – and consequently encourage better sleep – Rotheram also recommends adding a touch of nature to the table.

'Adding a small houseplant or bloom of flowers is always a good final touch,' he states. 'As a general rule of thumb, you should always aim to introduce three different heights on a bedside table for professional-level styling.'

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