Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's dining room proves that these two popular decor trends will never date

Designers and experts agree that these decorating trends will always be popular

Ellen DeGneres and Portia De Rossi
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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are no strangers to flawless style. Their property portfolio is one of the most impressive we've ever seen, and this time, it is their timeless dining space that has pivoted our keen design eye.

Dining areas should have a special ambiance, whether for cozy lunches or elegant dinner parties. For this reason, it is worth paying extra special attention to current dining room trends to help set the scene for jubilant fine dining.

For a dining room to earn its keep, it has to not only work hard but also look beautiful – and that requires careful curating, especially when it comes to choosing a stunning dining room color scheme and furniture. Investing in classic interior design trends, similar to Ellen and Portia's, will ensure that your dining room will continue to impress year after year. 

Here's why designers, decorators, and color experts alike all adore decorating with green and using timber furniture; two decorating ideas that continue to endure.

1. Dark green 

Dark botanical tones work with most shades to create rooms that are harmonious and easy to live with. Dark green is in general a calming and relaxing color. Being the color that represents nature, it’s one that makes us feel good and positive. 

‘The poet and philosopher Goethe used to describe green as a useful color, a good color to have around,’ explains Francesca Wezel, founder of Francesca’s Paints. ‘Dark green is often used in traditional gentlemen’s clubs and libraries, goes well with wood and is a color that stimulates concentration and deep thinking. Dark green is a perfect tone for the dining room, as it is bold and calming at the same time.' 

When choosing color combinations for rooms, Francesca adds, look to nature for inspiration. We love pairing dark green with other neutrals, such as taupe, beige, sand and stone, for a timeless quality that will last beyond the season.

‘I use a lot of dark green because it is very inviting,’ says interior designer Sarah Vanrenen. ‘I also love decorating with a heritage dark green. I don’t think space is a barrier to going bold – don’t be put off by using strong colors in even the smallest spaces and use it on all four walls. The effect is dramatic and green works with so many other incredible colors, too.’

2. Wood furniture

Another way to plan and design a space that will surpass all current trends is to decorate with wood. Timber, a material found in nature, is a wonderful way to add character, texture and plenty of warmth. 

The importance of sustainability will see many consumers move away from fast furniture and invest in designs that can truly stand the test of time, and the use of wood furniture will be at the forefront of upcoming innovations.

Old or new, pale or dark, the warm and tactile nature of timber ensures it enhances any home – not to mention the fact wood gets better with age. The natural beauty of wood, combined with its strength and resilience, makes it ideal for all kinds of furniture. It makes the material ideal when considering ceiling ideas for your fifth wall, too.

Shop the dining room furniture edit

In recent years, there have been several new and interesting techniques that have reinvigorated wood furniture and made this old staple a modern favorite. If dining room furniture made from wood is high on your list, then be sure to invest in a few of our favorite looks from the edit below.

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