Eva Longoria's earth-toned kitchen embraces 2024's warm interiors trend in such a simple way

The actress's grounding kitchen elevates this year's coziest hues – and, of course, it comes with designer approval

eva longoria
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Brown was one of the biggest color trends of 2023, and its reign is far from over. This earthy hue will continue to be one of the chicest shades of 2024, especially in kitchens – and Eva Longoria is clearly on board. 

The actress took to Instagram to share a cute cocktail-making video, and her clean-lined brown cabinets combined with off-white countertops and backsplash make as much of a splash as the drinks she is mixing.

Eva's kitchen idea is full to the brim with upcoming kitchen trends. From the cozy color palette to the mixed textures, the look elevates the warm interior trend to the next level.

According to interior design experts, Eva Longoria's earthy kitchen color palette is projected to become a huge interior design trend in 2024. 

Melissa Klink, Creative Director at Harvey Jones, states: 'As we enter the new year, gray is gone and super warm tones and shades will be the new go-to colors— we’re talking rich burgundies, aged brass, muddy golds, warm terracotta, fresh greens, and crisp teal hues, among others.' Chocolate brown and warm, bone, white fit the bill.

Melissa Klink

Melissa Klink is an American interior designer. She has a wide range of creative and design experience and has been with Harvey Jones Kitchens for almost 8 years.

The pared-back scheme of Eva Longoria's neutral kitchen also fits with the latest iteration of minimalism. Georgia Metcalfe, Founder and Creative Director of French Bedroom, terms the look 'minimaluxe:' a portmanteau of minimalism and luxury that describes the combination of organic textural finishes with clean, minimalist lines. With Eva Longoria's wood-inspired cabinets, stainless steel oven, and smooth white countertops, she's definitely channeling minimaluxe.

georgia metcalfe
Georgia Metcalfe

Georgia Metcalfe is a passionate designer and entrepreneur, currently working as the Creative Director and founder of French Bedroom. There, she works to combine her creativity and design expertise to create beautiful and functional furniture.

On the minimalist kitchen concept, Georgia states: 'The key to this look is in the combination of statement and simplicity. Maintaining a limited and considered color palette that makes use of complementary colors adds a sense of balance to the look.  Think about the materials you choose too: wood is perfect as it wears beautifully and the patina that comes with age only enhances the comforting sense of home that is at the core of the minimaluxe trend.'

Whether you like to follow trends or march to your own tune, most people can get behind well-placed textures and warm neutrals. We're definitely looking forward to seeing more of this look in the year ahead. 

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