Eva Longoria's 'vibrant' living room uses a simple decorating technique for a bold and striking effect

The hallway in the actress's living room comes forth in surprisingly bright shades – and designers love this contrasting scheme

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Eva Longoria's space is definitive proof there's no reason to be afraid of pink in interior design.

The actress's living room uses an almost exclusively neutral color palette infused with a single pop of hot pink color in the form of a neon piece of square art on the white walls. This work combines beautifully with her natural wood floors, white walls, and the abundance of natural light streaming into her home. The overall effect is absolutely stunning.

Experts love Longoria's living room color idea. Jove Meyer Eva's neon pink art gives her space life and energy, a shot of joy in a clean, contemporary home with large windows, wide plank wooden floor and minimal designs. The scale of the art is also very nice as it compliments the scale of the home, it is just the pop of color needed to make the house a home and to add her personality and spice to the design!

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Nicholas Kaiko, a celebrated Australia-based interior designer adds: 'The neon pink artwork in Eva Longoria's hallway injects a vibrant splash of colour into an otherwise subdued palette dominated by neutral timber tones and natural materials. This contrast not only draws the eye but also serves as a focal point in the space, creating a dynamic and modern feel. It adds a layer of personality and vibrancy, making the space more lively and engaging.'

Nicholas Kaiko
Nicholas Kaiko

Nicholas Kaiko, founder of Kaiko Design Interiors, is a highly sought-after interior designer based in Sydney, Australia. With over a decade of experience in the interior design industry, Nic has honed his skills as an interior architect and decorator, working on luxury hotels and high-end residential projects both locally and internationally.

If you are thinking about recreating a bright colorful living room like Longoria's, experts say you should go for it. Meyer tells Homes & Gardens: 'A pop of color via art is a great way to breathe new energy into a more neutral space, do not be afraid to play with color, in a big way, even if you have not used it anywhere else, if you love it, let it be the moment!'

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Jove Meyer

Jove Meyer crafts a vivid, colorful world inspired by his clients who dare to be different. Meyer set out to build a global design firm antithetical to his conservative and rigid upbringing by encouraging authenticity, celebrating diversity, and empowering marginalized communities. As a result, his work has been featured in Domino, Good Morning America, The Magnolia Network, The New York Times, Rachael Ray Magazine.

However, recreating this scheme requires careful planning. Kaiko advises, 'Make sure to choose the right color. Select a color that reflects your personal style and the ambiance you want to create. Neon shades work well for a bold, contemporary look, but even softer hues can pop effectively against neutral backgrounds.'

He also recommends considering the placement of these accents. He tells H&G: 'Like in the hallway, place your colorful piece where it can be a focal point. This could be a large piece of art, a furniture item, or even a decorative wall treatment.' He continues, 'Keep the rest of the space neutral to ensure the colorful element stands out. This contrast is key to making your pop of color impactful without overwhelming the space.'

Finally, Kaiko advises that a focus on lighting can go a long way. He states: 'Lighting can enhance the effect of your chosen color. For instance, directed lighting over a piece of art can intensify its hues and make the space feel more curated. For a budget-friendly lighting solution – consider battery-powered wall lights. There are some great options available now.'

Shop the Hot Pink Edit

Whether it's a piece of hot pink art like Eva Longoria has or though other accents, adding the bright shade instantly adds glamor, drama and fun to your space. You can try integrating this timeless style though a hot pink sofa, decorative pillow, or area rug.

Eva Longoria's home epitomizes effective use of a pop of color. By taking tips from her space, we can all learn how to use color in the most stylish way possible.

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