Glenn Close's bookshelf is cleverly organized to be a 'center for relaxation,' according to Feng Shui experts

The actress's tidy bookshelf is just one example of how a neat storage unit can make a space feel peaceful, cozy, and inviting to guests

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Has there been a hotter trend than bookshelf wealth over the last six months? Book nerds, amateur librarians, and interior enthusiasts alike have been bonding over their shelves lately, and we can't get enough. Though bookshelf organization can be a highly personal preference, we love seeing how celebs style their own shelves and Glenn Close is one of them.

The Fatal Attraction and 101 Dalmations star and award-winning actor shared a photo on her Instagram page earlier this year in her study, and we couldn't help but admire her neatly organized, white bookshelf, which is ideally situated next to her fireplace for a cozy reading nook.

When thinking about how to style a bookshelf, it's important to consider quantity. Much like any storage unit, it's best not to overstuff so that books are strewn on top of one another; instead, an organized bookshelf can actually assist in boosting the mood.

'Clearing and organizing your bookshelves is more than just a visual upgrade; it enhances the energy of your living space, inviting calm and focus,' says Feng Shui expert Joanne Jones. 'A well-organized bookshelf can become a center for relaxation during warm summer evenings, promoting quiet reflection or shared family moments around books that not only inspire and but also entertain.'

In fact, while Close has filled her shelf (without overdoing it), leaving some space can actually be beneficial for any desired additional decor.

'Bookshelves can absolutely be multipurpose units,' Homes & Gardens editor, Jennifer Ebert, says. 'This can mean book-adjacent accessories peppering the shelves, like bookends, or even other sentimental or valuable objects, such as ceramics. Just be mindful that not every single inch of space in a shelf has to be filled. It can be good to let the books breathe.'

Have a lot of colorful books? Ebert says that color-coordinating the books an be a quick and easy way to give a shelf visual appeal.

'It's tried and true for a reason; organizing books by color is incredibly pleasing to the eye,' Ebert states. 'If you want to go the extra mile, you can curate books by color to match any existing living room or office color palettes. The result will feel curated and timeless because, of course, books are one of those rare design features that will never fall out of style.'

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