Jennifer Lopez's double island masters a functional kitchen trend predicted to grow this 2024

Why have one when you can have two? Designers explain why pairing our islands is the secret to a more seamless kitchen

Jennifer lopez at ralph lauren show
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Here at H&G, we're big fans of the kitchen island. Both a communal gathering spot and a provider of additional surface space, the island can be customized with stone finishes or bright paint to fit any kitchen style. 

Pairing kitchen islands is not necessarily the most common strategy, but after seeing JLo's double islands, we're convinced that it's a new frontier for kitchen design.

The Times reported that the creator of the upcoming film and album, both titled This Is Me... Now, has also gone for double islands in her kitchen, a move that may seem excessive but actually serves as a highly functional addition. It's a look that's already grown in popularity (as we can see from Jennifer's space), but as designers explain, it's only set to get bigger. 

'Kithcen islands are a perennial favorite but are even more in demand for families as we treat our kitchens as workspaces, classrooms, and culinary hubs,' says Tom Howley, Creative Design Director at the eponymous kitchen company. 

'We are now taking it to the next level and expanding our island space by doubling up for two worktops. Having double kitchen islands serves a variety of purposes to make multifunctional life easier – providing twice the counter space in the kitchen for food prep, and even offering a second sink to streamline the cooking process.'

Tom Howley
Tom Howley

Tom Howley founded the luxury British kitchen brand in 2004. With showrooms across the country, Tom Howley specialize in fitting beautiful, bespoke kitchen designs crafted from the finest materials.

Tom recommends designating different purposes for each island so that the spaces remain tidy and optimized for their jobs.

'Typically, one island serves a more functional role – great for food prep and may include a second sink or even a dishwasher, streamlining the cooking process,' he explains. 

blue kitchen with 2 kitchen islands, gold stools and lantern pendants, stone floor

Double islands similar to Jennifer's.

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'The second island is then dedicated to entertaining or eating. It often has an area for bar stools, allowing guests to relax as you prepare a meal or for your children to do their homework while you whip up an after-school snack. This feel can also be achieved by having a large central island with a nearby kitchen table, where you can indulge in your morning coffee, enjoy an informal breakfast with the family, or raise a glass with friends.'

Ideal as hubs for communal activities, double kitchen islands are an unexpected design choice we can get behind.

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