Jennifer Lopez just coined the next kitchen trend – and we love its rustic meets modern charm

Actor Jennifer Lopez gives us insight into her LA kitchen, and we’re fascinated by her experimentation with a dried flower installation

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NYC-born actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, who grew up in the Bronx, now resides with her actor husband Ben Affleck in Los Angeles. We’ve been lucky enough to catch glimpses into the couple’s plush home, and today, we’re honing in on the kitchen which features a unique interior design choice.

Lopez took to Instagram last week to share a video of her making a birthday cocktail in collaboration with Delola, a drinks brand founded by herself.

Whilst the cocktail being crafted looks impressive, what really grabbed our attention was the addition of a dried floral installation, which hangs above Lopez in the video. 

The modern kitchen is sleek in design, featuring white marble kitchen countertops and neutral-toned integrated gloss cabinets, and so the dried floral arrangement creates a real talking point in the otherwise understated room. 

Thanks to the room’s high ceilings, which feature traditional coving, there is the luxury of being able to play with the extra height to add a point of interest as demonstrated by Lopez. 

The installation is a combination of dried lavender which hangs upside down, as well as a mismatched display of wicker and black wire baskets. Whilst installations such as this are more commonly seen at events, for example as an Easter-themed display, we love the idea of making this more of an everyday feature in the home.

With a nod to rustic design, the dried floral installation injects a sense of farmhouse kitchen chic into the modern and minimally-designed kitchen. Installations such as this are a great way to experiment with new styles; their non-comital nature compared to larger, investment furniture pieces means they can be moved between rooms and swapped out or altered over time, or perhaps upgraded to reflect the changing seasons.

Another benefit of opting for dried flowers in place of fresh flowers is their longevity: dried flowers will last permanently and bring joy to the space indefinitely, in comparison to the short lifespan of fresh flowers.

We talked to Aviva Samuels, founder of event planning and design firm Kiss the Planner, who agrees: 'A growing trend, dried flowers as home decor is the salvation for those missing a green thumb. They last forever and stay vibrant over time. Plus, they're super eco-friendly because they don't require sunlight or water, making them virtually a no-maintenance delight.' 

Aviva Samuels

Founder of Kiss the Planner, a boutique event planning and design firm, Aviva Samuels creates swoon-worthy events in the United States and worldwide. She is well known for her creative ideas and is passionate about excellent design. 

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