Jessica Chastain's kitchen cabinets utilize this versatile hue for a bright, timeless space

An expert weighs in on how to keep white cabinets sparkling, the Chastain way

Jessica Chastain
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Through trends and periodic bursts of color, the white kitchen remains a mainstay in the interior design universe. Beloved for its versatility and bright appearance, it is no wonder that so many continue to paint cabinets white among ever-changing trend forecasts.

Actor and producer Jessica Chastain is one such proponent of the white kitchen cabinet. In a video shared on her Instagram page, the Interstellar and Molly's Game star showed off her modern kitchen, featuring metallic appliances, matte countertops, and clean, white cabinets.

Part of the enduring appeal of white kitchen cabinets is that they truly pair well with any other color palette, from brights to neutrals. They also highly benefit small spaces due to white's expansive properties.

Unsurprisingly, this white kitchen cabinet color is met with approval from a host of designers who consistently agree on its timeless qualities. Among them is Elizabeth Vergara, the founder and lead designer of Vergara Homes.

'White cabinets have remained popular due to their timeless appeal, versatility in various design styles like minimalism, Scandinavian design, and modern farmhouse trends, as well as their ability to create a perception of space and open up a room.' says Vergara. 'They're a go-to choice for many of our clientele, fitting seamlessly into their desired aesthetics.'

Elizabeth Vergara
Elizabeth Vergara

Elizabeth Vergara is the owner of Vergara Homes, a home renovation company with a passion for bespoke and quality home design. Elizabeth has been helping homeowners as a design-build specialist for the past 13 years and has experience in both construction management and architectural design.

The caveat of white is, naturally, a higher level of upkeep. While dark surfaces better hide stains or dirt, white kitchen cabinets simply require some TLC to keep them looking brand new.

'To maintain them, regular cleaning with a damp cloth and mild soap, avoiding harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners,' Vergara says. 

white kitchen with white island, marble worktops and window seat

White kitchen cabinets, similar to those in Chastain's space.

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Using a clean-as-you-go method can make white cabinet care even more seamless. If stains are left for long periods of time, scrubbing and wiping becomes more challenging.

'Using protective measures like liners and felt pads and promptly cleaning up staining agents can help preserve their beauty and durability over time,' explains Vergara.

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