Kate Walsh uses this clever knife storage technique – it turns a disused area into a functional space in a small kitchen

The Grey's Anatomy star utilizes wall space to display knives, making use of all available surfaces for a smart and expert-approved storage solution

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Most of us are used to seeing Kate Walsh alongside sterilized hospital tools, with the actor having starred as Dr. Addison Montgomery in Grey's Anatomy. However, the U.S.-born, Australia-based TV star was recently spotted in her kitchen via a TikTok video, and we couldn't help but appreciate her knife storage.

In a video posted to Walsh's personal page, she took on a popular trend, declaring, "I'm Kate Walsh; of course, I tell people I'm a real doctor." While she pokes fun at her medical role, the space around her is seriously space-saving. With limited counter space, the actor has opted to store knives on a metallic strip attached to the wall for easy access.

Lack of counter space (or even over/underhead storage) can be tricky to navigate, particularly for those who want to avoid clutter. Hanging everyday items on walls is a tried and true small kitchen storage idea.


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'Hanging knives on the wall or pots and pans near the stove is a practice in small and large kitchens alike,' says Homes & Gardens' editor Jennifer Ebert. 'Not only does it free up space in cupboards and on surfaces, but it is convenient for cooking and prepping food. Depending on which items you have hung up, it can even be decorative.'

While some kitchen utensils are not as aesthetically pleasing, those with sleek, quality items are encouraged to display their collections.

'Whether you have a chef-approved knife collection or simply a colorful glassware set, storing these items in a highly visible place can benefit storage and decoration,' she says.

Apart from hanging and wall-adhesive storage solutions, she recommends a classic method for the kitchen: open shelving.

'If cabinet space is limited, consider installing an open shelf unit in your kitchen,' she suggests. 'Try balancing out these shelves with a mix of frequently used cookware and less-frequently used dishes, which may be stored out of sight most of the time. You can also add in some decor pieces, such as vases, to provide visual variety between the heights and shapes of items.'

Below, find a selection of items that are highly suited towards small kitchens.

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