Kris Jenner's ingenious organization technique turns her pantry into a work of art – the beautiful 'dish room' makes hosting simple

The Kardashian matriarch's impeccable dish storage is a stunning and functional use of her pantry space – here's how to recreate it

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The pantry can be for much more than storage. Though these shelved spaces get lumped in with closets as a boring spot to sequester rarely used dry goods, we don't subscribe to this limited view. Clearly, neither does Kris Jenner.

Jenner has transformed her pantry into an artfully designed dish room. The walls and shelves are color-drenched in a warm eggshell shade, allowing her formidable china collection to shine. Jenner's collection features plates, bowls, and tea cups with intricate, colorful patterns from brands like Hermès and Gucci. Under-shelf lighting illuminates each row of china, lending a cozy, intentional look to the display. More than a pantry, it's a strategic museum of her favorite dishware.

Experts approve of Kris's method of displaying china. Professional organizer Melanie Summers tells Homes & Gardens: 'Kris Jenner’s dish room is a stunning example of combining functionality with style. The horseshoe-shaped layout, with shelves lining three walls, is incredibly effective for several reasons. By displaying each china pattern against the wall with the rest of the dining ware set stacked in front, it allows for easy visibility and access.'

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Melanie Summers

Melanie is a professional organizer and decluttering expert based in Vancouver, WA. She is a member of the American Society of Professional Organizers.

It's clear that the closet design has both beautiful and functional benefits for Kris. Summers continues, 'This setup not only makes it simpler to design themes and tablescapes but also elevates the space's aesthetic. Instead of merely storing dishes, it turns them into a statement piece within the room.' For when she are home alone, it's a display, and when people are over, it's easy to host.

Whether you have an entire closet or just a display cabinet, learning how to properly organize your dishware can only benefit your home. Summers says: 'For readers looking to recreate this look, I’d recommend starting with a clear plan of the space and the types of dishware they want to display. Investing in sturdy, adjustable shelving units can help accommodate various sizes and shapes of dishware. Make sure to arrange the dishes with the most visually striking patterns at eye level, as this will create an immediate impact.'

Furthermore, replicating the look is all about the proper closet lighting. Summers says: 'Additionally, incorporating lighting, such as LED strips under the shelves, can highlight the beauty of the china patterns and add a touch of elegance.'

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In Kris Jenner's dish room, design is king. The pantry never needs to be a forgotten space ever again.

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