Lisa Kudrow's simple living room is the epitome of 'quiet luxury' – the leading trend of 2023

Everyone in the design world is talking about 'quiet luxury'. Here's why we think Lisa Kudrow nails the popular aesthetic

Lisa Kudrow
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Former Friend's actress, Lisa Kudrow, known for her eccentric style and personality on the popular '90s show, is much more minimal and refined in her personal life. In fact, her penchant for the 'quiet luxury' trend is evident in her living room.

The trend for quiet luxury shows no signs of slowing down, but this aesthetic has been around for years, we didn't know how pivotal it would be for our decorating choices back in 2020 when the 'old money' look first took hold. 

In a world where everything at times feels fast-paced and unrelenting, more people are turning to quieter, simple decorating ideas at home. Now, more than ever, we seek comfort and luxury in our homes; spaces that exude warmth, elegance, and serenity. 

What people are longing for now, says the content director of Homes & Gardens, Real Homes, Ideal Home and Woman & Home, Lucy Searle, is soothing decorating ideas that evoke an emotional response – something that makes us feel happier at home. The 'quiet luxury' trend, as seen below in Lisa Kudrow's home, is also not as unobtainable as it may at first appear, say designers.

Remember, room transformations don’t always have to be grand or expensive affairs. Simple, smaller updates are often the most impactful. If you want your quiet living room to mimic Lisa Kudrow's, the first step is to rid your space of clutter and chaos.

Originating from an organizational standpoint, quietening the home, also known as 'hushing the house' is all about creating a calm, muted space where the colors, shapes, and materials in our home can sing rather than shout. This philosophy is all about embracing a less-is-more mentality when it comes to our home ideas while maintaining warmth through texture in interior design, layering, and subtle color. 

Beige living room with white walls and wooden accents

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Besides clutter, finding the right quiet luxury color scheme is perhaps the most fundamental consideration. This is where beige – a once-detested color comes into the forefront. 

Contemporary yet timeless in their simplicity, beige living room ideas have become a stalwart in the world of interiors, especially when it comes to achieving the popular steal wealth style loved by celebrities and designers alike. 

The power of decorating with neutrals to add quiet elegance to a room should not be underestimated. Here, a soft scheme of harmonious neutrals creates a reflective backdrop to the ever-changing light of the seasons.

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