Naomi Watt's open-concept living room is a haven of warm neutrals and luxury minimalism

The only real question is, given the opportunity, why wouldn’t you go for an open-plan living room?

Naomi Watts
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Going open-plan is a great way to increase the versatility of your home and, with the right design choices, can work well whatever your needs. 

Moving beyond the kitchen-diner, a modern open-plan living room ditches the formal living space, home office, and sitting room in favor of one large, multifunctional space, with entertaining at its heart. 

Open-plan living rooms are so popular that it's unusual to find a modern or renovated home with separate reception rooms. That said, designing, furnishing, and lighting an open-plan living room needs some decorating know-how – which is why we love Australian actress Naomi Watt's open-concept space, designed to harmonize with the rest of her home.

Whether you opt to create distinct zones or decide to promote a sense of harmony and flow, open-plan living spaces can work well whatever the size and shape of your home.

So why are open-plan kitchens, dining rooms, and living spaces so popular among homeowners? One of the main reasons that people move house is the desire for more space. It is often possible to realize this dream, though, by reconfiguring the floorplan of your existing home. Something as simple as removing a wall can transform a tired living room and poky kitchen into a beautiful open-concept area, perfect for hosting all the family, and at a fraction of the cost of moving. 

Whether you opt to create distinct zones or decide to promote a sense of harmony and flow, open-plan living spaces can work well whatever the size and shape of your home. 

Color will play a significant role in how your space looks and feels. We recommend that you stick to one harmonious color palette when designing an open-plan living room. If in doubt, redecorate using a neutral living room color scheme. Many rooms are suited to the neutral look, but as neutrals are so relaxing, we especially love a monochromatically neutral design for an open-concept space.

It is not just celebrities who are embracing a more restrained interior decorating style, either. In a world where everything at times feels so fast-paced and chaotic, more and more people are turning to quieter, softer decorating ideas at home. Now, more than ever, we seek subtle, quiet luxury in our homes; spaces that exude warmth, elegance, and serenity. 

What people are longing for now, says the content director of Homes & Gardens, Lucy Searle, is light, open spaces, and calming, neutral decor that evokes an emotional response – something that makes us feel happier at home

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