Paris Hilton's clever landscaping turns her yard into a tropical paradise – and her technique is replicable

Pool or lagoon? The landscaping in the socialite's California yard transforms the space – and we can recreate the look

paris hilton on a background of roses
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Is it Hawaii? Bali? Costa Rica? No, it's Paris Hilton's Beverly Park backyard. The iconic noughties socialite took to Instagram to share her idyllic garden, and it's stunning. 

Paris's backyard revolves around her large, lagoon-like pool, but it's not the only element of her garden that has a tropical flair. The towering palm trees, manicured grass, and beautifully honed slate walkway give the garden a resort-like feel. The port-cochere style patio provides space for outdoor cooking and lounging in the gorgeous outdoor living room

Gardening experts love the look. 'The planting in this pool area of Paris Hilton’s yard has a touch of the tropics,' says Tenielle Jordison, an author on H&G's gardens team. 'The tall palm trees add strong structure and beautiful texture with the canopies of palm leaves over an area made for relaxation and leisure.'

Tenielle Jordison
Tenielle Jordison

Tenielle is a News Writer on the Gardens team at Homes & Gardens. Before joining H&G, she was in the editorial department at the Royal Horticultural Society and worked on The Garden magazine.  She grew up in the Oxfordshire countryside, gardening with her parents. 

The garden landscaping in Paris's outdoor space further contributes to the tropical energy of the yard. Tenielle says, 'The choice to incorporate different levels of garden beds cascading down the staircase is a clever way to create an immersive feel as Paris and guests make their way down to the pool area surrounded by the chosen grasses and flowering shrubs planted there.'

Paris Hilton's teams' skillful planting again adds to the paradise-adjacent feeling in the outdoor space. 'I also love the addition of the climbing plants, which have a charming appearance and line the building beneath the roof,' Tenielle says. 

'The way they slightly hang down above the doorways unite the indoor and outdoor spaces.'

She adds: 'The backyard Paris has created here is brimming with greenery and shows off just what plants can do - help create a personal paradise and place to escape to.'

If you're not in the market for a garden overhaul to get Paris Hilton's look, you can always add some Paris Hilton flair to your life with her pink pots and pans set.

No matter where you live in the world, or how much space you have, there's always room to add a touch of tropical luxury and whimsy.

Sophie Edwards
News Editor

Sophie is a London-based News Editor at Homes & Gardens, where she works on the Celebrity Style team. She is fascinated by the intersection of design and popular culture and is particularly excited when researching trends or interior history. Sophie is an avid pop culture fan. As an H&G editor, she has interviewed the likes of Martha Stewart, Hilary Duff, and the casts of Queer Eye and Selling Sunset. Before joining Future Publishing, Sophie worked as the Head of Content and Communications at Fig Linens and Home, a boutique luxury linens and furniture brand. She has also written features on exciting developments in the design world for Westport Magazine. Sophie has an MSc from the Oxford University Department of Anthropology and a BA in Creative Writing and Sociology from Sarah Lawrence College.