Paris Hilton's contemporary living room is a celebration of feminine glamor with a light-hearted twist

This pink and cream space is unlike anything we've ever seen – and designers say it embodies the socialite's personality

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Almost everything Paris Hilton does is iconic, so it's no surprise that her home is uniquely tailored to her tastes. The queen of the 2000s shared a TikTok in her living room, and fans were quick to point out her ultra-fun and stylish decor.

The socialite's pink living room taps into the personalized design trend, where every unique element of the room is an embodiment of Paris's personality. 

From the pink neon mirror to the rose sculptures on the mantelpiece to the massive black and white portrait of Paris herself over the fireplace, the entire room screams 'Paris Hilton.'


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Interior designers are big fans of the way Paris has designed her living room based on her energy. 'Paris coined the term sliving as a combination of slaying and living, and she is doing just that in her new home! Paris Hilton's contemporary living room is very her and is sliving,' says interior designer Jove Meyer, who prioritizes individuality in the spaces he creates.

jove meyer of jove meyer designs
Jove Meyer

Jove Meyer crafts a vivid, colorful world inspired by his clients who dare to be different. Meyer set out to build a global design firm antithetical to his conservative and rigid upbringing by encouraging authenticity, celebrating diversity, and empowering marginalized communities. As a result, his work has been featured in Domino, Good Morning America, The Magnolia Network, The New York Times, Rachael Ray Magazine.

'Paris Hilton will always be associated with a unique sense of fun and feminine glamour and just a bit of campiness and this space perfectly embodies that reputation,' adds interior designer Kathy Kuo.

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Kathy Kuo

Kathy Kuo is a celebrated interior designer and international guru within the home and lifestyle space. She has 20+ years of experience in the design industry. 

The sparse, minimalist living room decor in Paris Hilton's home becomes a canvas for fun, campy details. Jove states: 'The minimal white living room floors and walls allow Paris's pink neon sign to shine through and cast pink shades throughout the room.' He continues, 'Paris's favorite color is pink so it makes sense that it would be a focal color in her design.' 

Kathy adds: 'The assortment of smaller, colorful decorative objects give the space personality—I especially love the pink mini Eiffel Tower on the console cabinet.

However, the most stand-out feature of the room has to be the way Paris has decorated with art. In this case, the art just happens to be a portrait of the home's owner, Paris herself. 'I honestly love the fact that she has a larger-than-life portrait of herself over her mantel; it's a beautiful art piece, and the fact that the rest of the decor is fairly minimal makes it shine,' says Kathy. 

'Where else would one don an iconic, glamorous black and white portrait of themself than over the fireplace?' Jove adds.

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Whether or not you'd adorn your mantelpiece with a massive self-portrait, the important lesson here is prioritizing personalized design. A space designed for your interests? Now that's hot.

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