RuPaul's boldly decorated closet 'redefines the walk-in closet concept' according to interior designers

The queen of drag's closet is fit for a king

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We've yet to see a home that better embodies the spirit of its residents than RuPaul Charles's Beverly Hills mansion. It makes sense then, that the closet in Ru's home is absolutely fabulous. One of the most famous drag queens of all time and host of Drag Race in the US and UK, it's safe to say that RuPaul has a passion for fashion. His closet certainly showcases this aspect of his personality. 

Designed by celebrity interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the dressing room is inspired by old Hollywood glitz and glamor and seems to act as a museum for Ru's countless colorful outfits, bags, and shoes. Under the guidance of a less skilled designer, it's possible that this could look gaudy and messy. However, as usual, Martyn completely pulls it off. The closet is incredibly fun, striking the perfect balance between style and function. There are so many reasons to love the space.

Interior designers admire Ru's closet storage. Interior designer Charmaine Wynter states: 'Martin Lawrence Bullard’s exceptional design of RuPaul‘s Closet has redefined the walk-in closet concept. Through a remarkable fusion of neutral schematics, contrasting elements, and flawless lighting he has successfully transformed the space into a haven of luxury merging boutique-like zones into the home closet to create a retail-style-design sensibility.'

The experts are obsessed with how RuPaul's friend and interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard has juxtaposed minimalist, neutral elements in black and white with the pops of color and pattern in the space. Artem Kropovinsky, a NYC-based interior designer says, 'Thе top еxudеs a minimalist aura, whilе thе bottom rеvеls in maximalist flair. Thе chеvron, with its kalеidoscopic fееl, introducеs a dynamic black and whitе pattеrn on thе floor. This not only injеcts divеrsity into thе spacе but also prеsеrvеs its monochromatic еssеncе, complеmеntеd by thе whitе walls and cabinеts.'

Charmaine describes the way: 'An envelope of white walls serve as a restful canvas allowing for the carefully curated, colorful fashion garments to take center stage' in Rupaul's dressing room. She continues, 'White glass-top built-in drawer cabinetry further enhances the sense of openness, creating an atmosphere of refined elegance. Freestanding black lacquer furnishings and a daring combination of two distinct black and white patterned flooring selections add drama and visual interest, elevating the overall aesthetic.

However, interior designers say that Ru's impressive collection of clothing and his clothes storage is the star of this show. Charmaine states: 'Every garment, shoe, and accessory is thoughtfully arranged within the closet ensuring that each item is easily visible to enhance user experience and appreciation of the curated collection. The addition of multiple lighting levels and a vanity make-up area adds depth and dimension and multiplies the functionality of the room. The piece de resistance is the raised dais area flanked by a 180° mirror serving as the ultimate stage for fashion enthusiast to admire their ensembles.'

Artem adds: 'What truly sеts this spacе apart is thе way thе main accеnt—thе clothеs—intеrplays with thе monochromе backdrop. Thе usе of opеn shеlving and LED lighting furthеr еnhancеs thе ovеrall dеsign. It's a stunning mix of stylеs, an еxtravagant approach to intеrior dеsign that marriеs classic cabinеtry with bold tеxturеs on thе floor.'

While Ru's closet is one of the best we've ever seen, there's no reason you can't use carefully considered design to turn even a small walk-in closet into the perfect museum for your clothes. 

Sophie Edwards
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