Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes's 'hidden' cabinet door handles tap into 2024's most minimalist kitchen trend

Our handles (or lack of them) are almost as powerful as our chosen cabinet hues – and Gosling's space gets them right

Ryan Gosling
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It is certainly not uncommon for interior experts to discuss cabinet tones that are setting design trends – or, better yet, transcending trends – but as Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes's kitchen reminds us, there's more to cabinets than our chosen hue. 

In their home, Gosling and Mendes have opted for an ageless cabinet hue, white, but their design decisions are anything but boring – thanks to their handles (or, more correctly, lack of handles), which are a minimalist lover's dream. Though timeless, white kitchen cabinets can (sometimes) be at risk of feeling clinical. However, Gosling and Mendes' 'hidden' handles ensure the space feels sleek, modern, and right on-trend, as experts explain. 

'More hidden and simple storage is becoming popular in 2024,' comments William Durrant, owner of Herringbone. And there's arguably nothing quite as discreet as cabinetry with recessed handles.

There are several ways to tap into the minimalist kitchen storage movement –  but recessed handles are our editor's current favorite. 'Though trending, recessed handles are far from a fleeting fad,' comments Jennifer Ebert, the digital editor of Homes & Gardens. 'As subtly beautiful as they are practical, I'm hailing these handles as the unsung hero of a minimalist kitchen, but you don't need to embrace this pared-back aesthetic to get involved with the trend.' 

In Gosling and Mendes' case, their recessed handles tap into a wider minimalist style, complete with uncluttered marble countertops and vertical tiles adding interest to the splashback. However, as Ebert hints, there's a place for these handles beyond the conventionally minimalist kitchen. 

'This look naturally lends itself to Scandi-minimal-style kitchens, but there's no reason why you can't bring hidden handles into more maximalist rooms. They're just as beautiful and functional, no matter the backdrop.'

Contemporary kitchen cabinets in a white oak finish with a terrazza backsplash

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As Durrant explains, there is a rising kitchen trend for hidden and simple storage ideas (with recessed handles trailblazing the way). Though Gosling and Mendes's inspiration aside, there are more reasons to tap into the movement. 

'Floor-to-ceiling units and lower runs of cabinets are also being designed with clever storage in mind,' Durrant comments.

'These, combined with the floating shelves and on-display units, look wonderful in either oak or stone with a stone splashback. These shelves, which can be placed above the sink or in utility rooms, are beautiful, functional, and act as a lovely feature in any space. These shelves open up the kitchen and create a lovely sense of space, especially if you have high units or upper cabinetry.'

Kitchen Designer
William Durrant
Kitchen Designer
William Durrant

William Durrant has worked in the kitchen industry for almost a decade. After learning from powerful kitchen brands, he had a desire to manage all aspects of the design project, so he founded Herringbone Kitchens. He now owns the UK-based kitchen company, where he manages a talented creative team and creates kitchens while observing international design trends. 

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