What house is Saltburn filmed in? Everything we know about the magnificent medieval mansion

The 'most 'impressive' medieval home in the area has impressed art historians for centuries – but Emerald Fennell's thriller elevates it to newfound fame

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We may be less than one week into 2024, but the internet has already found its first obsession of the year. It comes in the form of Saltburn, Emerald Fennell's comedy-thriller that was initially released last November; however, a new TikTok trend (comprising of people dancing through their similarly grand homes) has raised the movie's popularity to even greater heights. 

With the movie's increasing recognition comes inevitable questions about the set – and all for a good reason. The outrageously opulent backdrop is a vital element to its success (and the reason we're now enjoying glimpses in other fancy homes via TikTok) – but to which house do we owe this triumph? 

Enter – Drayton House in Lowick, in Northamptonshire, England – with roots dating back to 1328. Today, it is quickly becoming known as one of the world's best homes, but it's already no stranger to local admiration. 

The celebrated art historian Nikolaus Pevsner labeled Drayton House as 'Northamptonshire's most impressive medieval mansion'* in the twentieth century, while architectural historian Gervase Jackson-Stops formerly described it as 'one of the best-kept secrets of the English country house world.'**  However, thanks to Saltburn, it is a secret no more.

Despite its admiration among art historians, Drayton House was never used as a set before Saltburn. Emerald Fennell told Vanity Fair that she wanted a location that was both unfamiliar to audiences and available to serve as the main film set (meaning there would be no need for interior scenes shot on a soundstage). 

'It was important to me that we were all in there together, that the making of the film in some way had that feeling of a summer where everyone loses their mind together,' she says. 'I didn’t want to be constantly picking up and moving.' This Grade I listed county house was the solution. 

Notably, in the aforementioned interview, Emerald also shared that everybody involved with the filming signed a contract that disallowed them from sharing the estate's name or location. However, while they may have stayed true to their agreements, Drayton House's distinct façade mean it was quickly discovered and shared with the world.

Saltburn is available to stream via Amazon Prime right now. 

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