Selma Blair's bold front door hue 'draws the eye naturally' – and exterior experts say it looks best on these types of homes

Actress Selma Blair has her front door painted a cherry red, giving passersby an indication of her eclectic interior decor

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Love it or hate it, red makes a bold statement. Outside, it colors our streets via traffic lights and fire hydrants, and it can make just as much of an impact in (and around) the home.

Selma Blair's house is proof of this power. In a video posted to her TikTok page, the Cruel Intentions and Legally Blonde star emerges from her fire-engine red door to reveal a dark-painted entryway flanked by a plaid-carpeted staircase. All this is to say that the bold door gives guests and viewers a solid indication that this home does not shy away from the bold.

Whether trying to boost curb appeal or simply looking to brighten up a home's exterior, painted front doors are a go-to strategy for giving passers-by an indication of a house's personality. With that in mind, it's important to be thoughtful about color choice.


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'The first consideration is that red is BOLD,' says Niki O'Brien, an exterior design expert at Custom Exteriors. 'Your home will be noticed, and some people don't care for the attention. Red is a powerful color, and it draws the eye naturally.'

Another consideration when decorating with red is the architectural style of the home. O'Brien explains that red suits some designs much better than others.

'Red looks amazing on historic homes (and a dark shade will help cover some of the imperfections that undoubtedly exist),' she says. 'We have seen red also pair very well with a farmhouse or cottage-style home. On the other hand, while it looks great as an accent, red isn't as attractive as a body color on a more modern-style home.'

In Blair's case, the vibrant red looks beautiful alongside her home's rustic brick façade – while the black hardware makes for a contrasting finishing touch. It has a traditional farmhouse feel with a fun twist, and it deserves attention from all who pass by.

Interior factors aside, O'Brien also says it's crucial to think about the location of the home, and the climate there.

'Another consideration to keep in mind, is that red fades in sunlight,' she says. 'It will require more frequent maintenance than a lighter shade would.'

Below, find a red shade that is highly versatile and would suit a variety of homes as a front door color.

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